Seminole Sweet 16

I was going to post art, but I have to go with the ‘Noles instead. I knew Hamilton was due for a win in the tourney (hasn’t won in the NCAA tourney since 2000 with Miami… Of course, he did coach in the NBA for a few years…). They got the win against Texas A&M in a close one and now got another one against a Notre Dame team that looked overmatched from the start from where I was sitting. FSU shot well tonight and they usually don’t, winning on defensive tenacity and hustle. They’re a team that likes to play close games so it was nice to see a game where they were up comfortably down the stretch.

Deividys Dulkys with Hamilton

I’m actually surprised that before the NCAA started started there was grumbling about Hamilton after their quick exit from the ACC tourney. They actually played great in that game and lost on a three pointer shot about a tenth of a second too late. They also were playing without their best player Chris Singleton who leads the ‘Noles in a variety of ways.

Their next game is winnable against VCU. FSU should be favored. VCU shouldn’t match up with FSU as well as they did with Purdue (a team also without their best player). They certainly shouldn’t shoot as well as they against Purdue. If they get past VCU, they’ll probably be looking at trying to pull a monumental upset  (provided Butler doesn’t beat them to it)against Kansas to get to the Final 4. They have to beat VCU first, though.

Hamilton’s guided the ‘Noles to bigger and better things every year. Last year they made it back to the Madness of March for the first time in a while and now they’ve actually won some games. They’re even starting to show old FSU highlights of the days of Charlie Ward, Sam Cassell, Bob Sura, Doug Edwards and Rodney Dobards (that was a great team). Things are looking up again for FSU basketball.

Go ‘Noles!





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