Linda’s Were Real…

First Aronofsky drops out of “The Wolverine” and now this…

Did they redesign her look  for the comics to match this? Was Jim Lee privy (or party) to this? One, she doesn’t look like Wonder Woman. And two, she looks like she’s wearing one of those cheap Halloween costumes. It looks fake… As do other things in the photo. From this photo all I can say is Adrianne Palicki is no Linda Carter.

I have to say I’ve never been a fan of the character, really, but it’s always sad to see yet another comic book related live action project that will perpetuate the ‘Pow! Bam! Crack!’ stereotype of superheroes. If this lasts more than 6 episodes I’ll be surprised..

There IS a sneak peak of the pilot on youtube… I posted it below. Enjoy!


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