There Goes My Interest…

I read earlier today … No actually, I just read it because it is ‘earlier today’, but since I’m scheduling this… Okay. let me start over…

Sometime on March 17th, I read that Darren Aronofsky is no longer attached to the film  “The Wolverine”, citing that he didn’t feel comfortable being away from his family for a year. The film I believe was to be shot in Japan and is based on the Wolverine limited series by Chris Claremont and Frank Miller (one of the more significant comic book limited series).

I was disappointed that he left the Robocop remake for “The Wolverine”. I had no interest in the remake now and believe that to be a very BAD idea without Aronofsky attached. I’m picturing a “Clash Of The Titans” style remake and I won’t be putting myself through that again. I love the original too much.

The last Wolverine flick with Hugh Jackman was a disaster and made my Worst of List of 2009. That wasn’t Jackman’s fault (that would be screenwriters David Benioff and Skip Woods AND director Gavin Hood. I might blame the casting director, also. I do trust that Aronofsky would put the importance on the central character and not adhering to what Marvel thinks makes a good story: introducing as MANY characters with ‘soo-per pow-ers’ as possible and expecting the audience to have read Uncanny X-Men #349 to get the obscure reference that Marvel nerds will be high fiving one another for.

I’m betting yet another ‘crap CGI’ director  like McG (who will be a puppet of the producers trying to get certain characters into the story to tie in with the toy, comics and video game lines) will be assuming the position on “The Wolverine” and ‘the fans’ will get yet another Marvel movie crapfest instead of a good film. Superhero films are ‘B’ movies, but they don’t have to ‘B’ quality (or ‘D’ quality as the last Wolverine film was or ‘F’ material like”Ghost Rider”). Summer entertainments don’t have to be mindless. It’s a shame that many are. Anyway, without Aronofsky, I won’t be expecting much. In fact, there goes my interest in seeing it.


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