X-Men: First Class Trailer

My reaction… It looks better than I thought it would (better than Thor and Green Lantern), but it still doesn’t look ike anything to get excited for (like Battle For LA). Doesn’t feature the original X-Men so that’s a BIG negative right there. It also looks like the central story involves the Cuban missile crisis and the best stuff from the climax appears to be in the trailer. Anything that would get me in the theater is completely from the visuals (and Rose Byrne). The dialogue in the trailer was pretty uninspiring.

I guess using the original 5 X-Men “would be boring. Nerds have seen that story and it’s old now. Nerds demand something new.” To everyone who doesn’t read comics, this WILL be new. AND it’s an opportunity to tell a story that is not convoluted and require the viewer to have read every issue of the X-Men over the last 45 years or so. The TRAILER is even having to explain who the main 2 characters are. And here’s my Nerd Moment, and maybe this is just me, but Charles Xavier and Magneto are NOT the X-Men. Xavier CREATED the X-Men (or founded them), but the X-Men were actually the ones that went out and fought the bad guys which included Magneto. When I read the X-Men I didn’t read it for Charles Xavier and Magneto. Will I go see this? Maybe. But I don’t know why general audiences will want to.


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