Smiley Face (2007) Very Short Review

Smiley Face is an extremely light stoner flick that is bouyed by the innocent bubble headed persona of Anna Faris. I like Faris,  despite the fact that she has a penchant for finding her way into movies that should have never been made. Here she plays a constantly high character named Jane. Or is it Christy?

There are some other semi famous faces in the film like John Krasinski, John Cho, Danny Trajo and even Marion Ross but they do little more here than cameo work. Some are in the film for extended periods of time, but it’s almost like that they were available, so the director got to stand in on some scenes until they had to go back to their real jobs.

I laughed all through this. It had some really big laughs, too. There were things that I completely didnt understand like the 5 sticks of butter thing but I was laughing uncontrollably. The only problem that I have with the film is that it ends without a satisfying finish. Probably needed a little more story instead of the random events strung together.

It still works to a large degree as a comedy even if it starts losing steam at about the halfway mark. There isn’t much of a story. It’s just a series of ‘bits’ tied together by the fact that Faris is high, but it made me laugh which is the main requirement of a comedy.

3 0f 5


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