Frozen (2010) Short Review



“Frozen” doesn’t rate quite as high on the Pointless Scale as Open Water, but it’s right up there. This is one of those films (there are more of them than you think) where a small group of people gets caught in a very stupid situation where they were originally preparing to have a good time, but something idiotic happens and it  quickly becomes life threatening for the group.

In this case, three funseekers are stuck on a skilift and everyone else has gone home for the week. Yes, they argue, cry and make stupid decisions and they die. Okay one survives, but not because of self reliance or the will to survive or anything. This is nothing more than the equivalent of a news account re-enactment.

It’s shot adequately. It’s acted moderately well. The three main actors do a decent job (Emma Bell,  Kevin Zegers and appropriately enough X-2’s Iceman: Shawn Ashmore). It’s not their fault. The characters were all likable enough to care about when they were disposed with, but… Still a pointless story.  Also, one that was sometimes unintentionally funny and wasn’t researched very well. This should have never gotten the greenlight. If you like being kicked hard in the shins, then this is the film for you.

2 of 5 and it makes it onto my Worst of 2010 List.


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