The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest (2010) Review

Sadly the third installment in the Swedish suspense series starring Michael Nyqvist and the weirdly attractive Noomi Rapace, is a major letdown. The largest portion of the film is scene after scene of people lying in hospital beds (including the central character Lisbeth), talking on phones and sitting in chairs. This is usually a signal that a script requires a rewrite or at least edited.

IMHO, this story should have started long after Lisbeth has recovered from her injuries in the second installment. That way the entire first half of the film would not have been filled with passive meandering scenes.

Take for example, the cutesy moments (and complete waste of time) involving Lisbeth’s young doctor. That relationship’s going nowhere, so why there was so much onscreen time given to that is anyone’s guess.

On top of that there’s a good bit of time spent rehashing what happened in the first two films. If I needed that I could have rewatched the first two. And it  doesn’t get going until about 75 minutes in and then it still doesn’t get going. This has got to be the most anti-climactic, unsatisfying finish of any film trilogy ever produced.

The first film was really good, but the series didn’t lose steam so much as ideas. They story brings back the giant/half brother at the end to try to salvage something at the end to no avail. Lucky for Lisbeth that there was a working nailgun handy in the derelict building at the end.

Hilarity ensues....

One thing that was supposed to be an event (at least in this director’s mind) was when Ms. Salander Goes To Court. They tried very hard to top the first two films’ most ridiculous makeup moments, with Lisbeth looking more like Marilyn Manson with each new look.

I like the characters in the series and it’s a shame the two main players are barely in any scenes together in this film… maybe a minute. No, 45 seconds maybe. And I’m NOT exagerating. It’s like doing an X-Files film where Scully and Mulder cross paths for a minute in the film.

No other way to say it. This was an inadequate end to a story that was stretched out to 3 movies. Or it just might be what I always say is the real problem: the director did a poor job. Niels Arden Opley directed the original film. The sequels are both directed by Daniel Alfredson who isn’t in the same league with Opley, let alone the same ballpark.

More hospital patients... in hopital beds.

Where the first film had happening after shocking happening, Opley’s films have been either cartoonish or as in this film:bland. “Played with Fire”  was loaded with unrealistic ‘girl power’ feminism whereas the ‘Hornet’s Nest has a series of nonhappenings and explanations.As much as I want to give it 3 stars, it doesn’t deserve it. The series deserved more, though.

2 of 5 and very disappointing. I guess this will be going on the 10 Worst of 2010 List.


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