Zack Snyder’s Superman, Not Henry Cavill’s

Just heard the new Superman has been cast and British actor Henry Cavill has won the role. I have not seen one single film that he’s been in, nor do I watch the Tudors. As others have said, that’s probably a good thing. The picture above looks close enough to the John Byrne drawn version of the 80s.

But, as I often say, never give too much of the credit to the actors for a film’s success or too much blame. It’s the director. David Goyer and Christopher Nolan are writing the script (and Nolan is one of the producers), but that really doesn’t mean a darn thing, either. A director (along with an editor) can butcher even the best told story.

This will be the guy that makes or breaks the new Supes franchise: Zack Snyder. There are a lot of nerds that worship this guy. I’m not one of them. His best film (IMHO) that he’s made so far was the Dawn Of The Dead remake and that one wasn’t as good as the original. I did like it though. I also have liked his other films I’ve seen, but not to a large degree. “300” was far too long and after initially liking the look of the film, I started having second thoughts about it. The more I see those types of green screen films where only the actors are real (but not always), the more I notice how devoid of actual emotion that the film gets out of me. Aide from Gerard Butler(!) shouting about “dining in Hell” and everything else got a little old. “300” wasn’t the best written story in the world, anyway.

I also liked “Watchmen”, but found it to have the same kind of lifelessness that “300” had. And the slow motion shots. Wow.  It causes the same problems as the greenscreen, not to mention making his films twice as long as they should be. Combine the two and you’re looking at geeksturbation which is what he’s going for it seems. that would explain all the hot tail in his latest film “Sucker Punch”.

He also changed the meaning of the Watchmen ‘graphic novel’ (it was actually a 12 issue limited series, later collected, but I digress) also, by making one of his few seemingly insignificant alterations. I’d suggest reading the comics instead of seeing the film. It’s watchable, but is extremely spotty in quality. I hope I don’t have to say all of the same things about the Superman reboot. The superhero film disappointments are piling up.


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