I Am Comic (2010) Review

I try to avoid documentaries, because usually they’re depressing. This one; not so. “I Am Comic” was suggested to me by a friend who happens to be a stand up comedian and he was right.

This is a fairly interesting (surface) look at the mentality and thoughts of comedians on the art of stand up comedy. It has snippets of stand up material, but mostly does two things.

The first is that it largely follows Ritch Shydner who after helping the director to conduct a few of the interviews, decides to get back into doing stand-up after having been ‘out of the game’ for over a decade.

I actually remember Shydner, as I did with many, MANY of the other comedians featured here. I recall seeing practically ALL of them on shows like MTVs half hour comedy hour.

A highlight for me was the one quick segment with lovely comedianne Felicia Michaels (I always loved her). She gets the short shrift here, though, only appearing the one time. It was a mistake, whereas they could have easily cut the non-funny female comedians. Won’t mention any names.

There are many comic stars that appear also, like Tim Allen, Tommy Davidson, Larry Miller, Bobcat Goldthwait, Tom Arnold, Jeff Foxworthy, Paul Rodriguez among many others. I guess that’s the second thing, isn’t it?

The film does what it does very well. It has a lot of comedians telling stories about the business.  My only gripes are that it never is intimate with any of the performers. Although this is behind the scenes, it’s still at a distance.

Like any documentary, the film is only as good as its subjects. Some of them are more interesting than others. While the film isnt a fluff piece, it mainly just shows the various comedians in the best light. A pretty good effort by the director, though.

4 of 5


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