Matt Moseley At The Big Easy

If you happen to be in Pensacola on April 1, 2011 (or if you live here), stop by the Big Easy Tavern for Laugh-Core 2011. There are a number of comedians (and bands) performing, not least of which is Matt Moseley, who I’ve promoted here before. He’s played a number of shows along the Gulf Coast and is worth seeing.
If the other comedians (Jacob Cobb, Karry Johnson, Alan Shaw and more) are half as funny as he is, then it ought to be a good show. Matt and the other comics will be sharing the stage with several bands… Drayton Sawyer, a local rock band from Milton who have a new singer, X-Ray Vision (who I’m assuming is local),  and an experimental hip-hop/comedy band called Unnatural Soundz and maybe a few more surprises. I don’t know how comedy and live bands will mesh, but it should be interesting.
Yeah, I know. It’s a month away… So make plans now.

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