A Gripping Spectacle in Times Square

Last night, I was at my computer working. I usually listen to something while I work (I multitask). Streamed movies,  iTunes, youtube playlists, you name it. Whatever I’m feeling. Yesterday I made the extreme MISTAKE of tuning in to the World’s Longest Handshake.

It came down to Team New Zealand and the tireless Team Nepal.  Much like in Olympic Curling, Team USA apparently was knocked out fairly early. The handshake did originate in foreign lands (Greece, maybe?), so we are late to the handshaking table. The Nepalese held the previous  seemingly unbreakable mark at 19 hours of continuous hand shaking. Quite impressive, right? Yeah… I know.

But for some reason it had some kind of hypnotic effect. I couldn’t turn it off. It wasn’t fascinating  AT ALL, but I couldn’t just click the ‘Close’ box and make it go away. I imagine the television stations in Hell run this sort of programming.

Mercifully, it ended. Sort of. I don’t think it could have had a more anti-climactic ending. I wasn’t expecting much. Maybe someone would sneeze and use the wrong hand. Or maybe a chair would break. Or maybe some kind of cheating was going on. I did notice the kiwi with the white pad is mysteriously missing said pad at the end of the competition. Scandal?

Anyway. At the 33 hour and 3 minute mark, the competition ended in… a tie. A TIE! They agreed to have their clasps broken simultaneously. Team New Zealand and Team Nepal will share the record until next year’s marathon of morons. They were taking donations, supposedly for charity. It will be interesting (more so than the actual competition) to see if they actually raised any. Hopefully I won’t catch it when it airs next year.



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