Go On Take The Money And Run

And we all knew he would…

Auburn’s Cam Newton has elected to forego his senior season and ‘go pro’ and I for one am happy to see him go. Not because I am a Bama’ fan (or a fan of any other SEC rival), but because every time I heard a story about Auburn this year, there were always phrases like ‘ denied any allegations’ or ‘NCAA continues thair investigation into’…

One of the reasons I watch college football is because it seems ‘more innocent’ than the NFL. It’s not about the money to the players. I know, I know. Obviously, college football has more than its share of problems involving corruption, payouts, cheating, infractions, hipocrisy, etc… But it’s not the pros. When a player in college does something heinous there are usually repercussions for it. I say ‘usually’ very loosely. In the pros, they get fined a pittance of their multi-million dollar contracts and then get bigger contracts.

Newton’s problems started at the University of Florida, which is no surprise since Urban Meyer was the coach. He had some 30-something arrests involving players in his short tenure. Winning sweeps all of the off the field dirtiness under the rug I guess. After an alleged theft of a fellow student’s laptop (and allegedly throwing it out the window when the cops allegedly came calling)… allegedly… he LEFT the team (wasn’t kicked off by Urban by any means). Allegedly. He eventually ends up at Auburn where all of the alleged $180,000 transfer fee involving Mississipppi State (and Floridas’ former OC) and the NCAA investigation that (may have) ended with the NCAAending with an EXTREMELY hypocritical ruling (Reggie Bush had a very similar situation). All allegedly of course….

Newton, at least as far as I’ve read has denied any alleged wrongdoing. When the business of what happened at UFand AU, he always says something like ‘The Lord has guided me to Auburn. He’s the one that put me in this position to win a national Championship and to call Auburn my home’. I’m paraphrasing of course, but there is never any contrition or any admission of guilt. You would think that he would at least admit he was wrong for what happened at Florida. Allegedly…

That’s a great word BTW: ‘Allegedly’. That guy in Tucson that they tackled while he was reloading after he had already killed 6 including a little girl and shot many more. That was ‘alleged’, also. Anyway…

Cam Newton could be contrite, but he’s not. It’s like he chalks all of the (alleged) wrongdoing up to God’s guidance. That’s the ultimate way of assuaging guilt, I guess.

But,  he doesn’t HAVE to apologize to anyone (me included). If he had, though, it might have been less of a pill to swallow while trying to enjoy the college football season. Now Auburn is the team with a national title Most Likely To Be Taken Away At Some Point. It won’t be the last time controversy surrounds a player or team in college football, but at least for one such player who chose to leave early, good riddance. College football doesn’t need you. Good luck in the pros.


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