The End Of Another College Football Season (2010-2011)

Congrats to Auburn!

The game started out ugly, but it got better. The first quarter was filled with bad call, missed blocks, dropped passes, fumbles, several interceptions, and general rust from a long layoff.  Plus, both teams are so jacked up that it’s difficult to do the things that they are normally accustomed to doing. It’s pretty much the same every year.

Oregon was a valiant runner up. It’s too bad that ‘Dyer’s Not Down’ play towards the end kind of marred (to a small degree) a great finish. I think Auburn would have scored all the same, but that one play was one of those that seems a little unfair.

I don’t know if this redeems Cam Newton. The way he handled himself at Florida and the way that things went down over him either going to Auburn or Mississippi State will taint this to some slight degree. Probably not with Auburn fans, though. They did have a great season ON the field.

It was a great year overall. I beat ESPN’s ACC blogger again (by 3 picks). Florida State looks like it’s returning to past prominence. Hopefully the 2011 season will be even better than this one. I have an idea of who I’ll be picking for the ACC and possibly the national championship.


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