I got SOMETHING right…

… but it’s not one of those somethings that you care to get right. I hate to see anyone lose their job, even if it is a coach that gets paid millions to coach football. FOX 2 in Michigan was reporting that Coach Rich Rodriguez got canned today.

At the start of the 2010/2011 College Football Season I said “RichRod better win 10 games (including a win over Ohio State) if he wants to keep his job and I don’t think he does it.” The late Michigan Coach Bo Schembeckhler had made the comment ‘Michigan will hir a Michigan Man’. But they hired RichRod, so he was put behind the 8Ball. It was inevitable and after Mississippi State handed Michigan’s butts to them the writing was on the proverbial wall.

I think he’s a good coach, Michigan really just never accepted him. Every mistake he made was amplified/magnified by the folks that didn’t want him there. It’s hard to win in a hostile environment. Winning was the problem, though (more specifically Defense), and not the offensive style he brought to Michigan. ESPN college football analyst Mark May (and a graduate of PITT) has already expressed his support for his alma mater hiring RichRod. He’s succeeded in the Big East already, so it would be a good fit for him (if ,as Lou Holtz said, that he leaves his Defensive coordinator behind. It’s not a package deal)… And it would be a chance to stick it to the West Virginia fans. Or vice versa. That’s part of the greatness of college football, I guess; rivalries and feuds.

Looks like UM is looking towards the Mad Hatter (Les Miles) now, since it seems Stanford’s Jim Harbaugh is apparently got his mind set on coaching at the professional level.

Since I’m at it, I might as well see what other predictions I got right and wrong even if all of the bowls haven’t been played yet…

I was wrong about the mid-majors going down early. They’ve provided ulcers all the way to the end. And thanks to Wisconsin’s pathetic showing against TCU, we’ll be hearing more from the pesky ‘middies’ again next year.

It might've been different for the 'Noles with a healthy Christian Ponder...

Teams That will ‘Turn The Corner’: Nebraska. Notre Dame. Rutgers. Arkansas. UCLA. Washington. Georgia. Mississippi State. FSU…. With the exceptions of Rutgers, Georgia and UCLA, I think I was mostly right. All of the other teams seem in better shape than the previous year. UGA will be better next year, though.

Teams That Won’t: Michigan… I think I was right on that one. too. Robinson was one of their bright spots, though.

Arizona. Illinois. Auburn. Maryland. Arizona State. South Florida. North Carolina. South Carolina…. Okay I was wrong on just about all of those, except ASU and UNC.

None of my 5 Heisman picks were anywhere close to being in the Top 5, but it’s hard to predict in any year who will materialize as having standout seasons above all.

My picks for the conferences were a lot of near misses. Stanford. Iowa (who lost a lot of nailbiters). Nebraska. Arkansas. And of course FSU (Go Noles!) who were the runner-up of the ACC.

There’s always next year. My early prediction for next year’s season: The Big 10 (who currently should be the Big 11) will retain the Big 10 name as will the Big 12 (who now have 10 teams). Confusing.


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