Crash! Landen’s Best 10 Movies of 2010 (Updated 7/31/11)

Well, here we are at the end of 2010 and so here is my list of the 10 Best Films. As I said in my Worst 10, I only managed 45 or so ‘new’ films this year. There are a number that I wanted to see and didn’t (like ‘Monsters’) and several that I know would probably be good, but I passed on them for one reason or another (like The Social Network which I HAVE now seen). Of the 10 I did choose, there are some that were released in 2010. Because they are foreign films they debuted in the good ol’ USA in 2010. Hence, they’re on the List.

I wrestled with the order. My #1 started out at #4 and ended up on top. Tron went up and down also (Bumped now). The list reflects my appreciation for the technical aspects of film as well as the storytelling. All of them on the list are worth seeing, in any case.

Some films that I liked, but didn’t quite make my list: OndineThe American… The documentary  I Am Comic… Scott Pilgrim vs The WorldEdge Of Darkness…  Shutter Island… even Robin Hood. I may be the only one that liked one or two of these. Anyway, here’s my 10.

Tron (Bumped…. I think the visuals outweighed the weaknesses of the story, though. And I guess the name is Tron:Legacy. Sorry.)

The Social Network (Updated… Err… Didn’t quite make my Top 10 anyway… I did think it was better than Tron, though. Just missed my Top 10. Fincher did a heckuva’ job given the boring subject matter and personalities involved.)

 The Karate Kid (2010)(Bumped, but a great remake/reinvention. This actually surprised me a great deal and it may deserve to be higher. It’s entertaining and the shots of the Chinese landscape are beautiful.)

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (Bumped! Has some gratuity, but  a good suspense flick. Just be prepared to watch some really tough subject matter to get through.)

10 The Ghost Writer (Not Polanski’s best, but he was editing the thing in prison. The movie is #7 on my list, though, not Polanski’s character.)

9 Black Swan (Yes, a ballet movie. It’s surreal as Aranofsky often is. Not his best, but still pretty good.)

8 127 Hours (I finally braved watching this. I had heard so much about how horrible that particular moment of the film… you know which one I speak of… that I’ve been avoiding it. After seeing the moment in question, I have to say it was not nearly as terrible as everyone had made it out to be. I’ve seen far worse. And the stomach turning moment in the film turned out to be earlier in the film, at least for me. But that’s all beside the point. It IS a great movie. It did keep me emotionally involved even though i knew what was coming. Danny Boyle wins again.

7 How To Train Your Dragon (Way better than I was expecting and devoid of pop culture references which should be applauded.)

6 The Town (Another great film by Affleck. He’s a better director than actor.)

5 Toy Story 3 (Mark Kermode calls this the best trilogy ever made. I don’t know if I agree, but this WAS a great third installment following the continuing adventures of Woody and crew.)

4 Inception (A movie of ideas and dreams. The only reason I placed this at #2, was because,  like Christopher Nolan’s other films, there were a few parts in this that seemed bloated and in need of some editing. Still, it was an amazing film and my one and two could easily be swapped.)

True Grit [The more I thought about this film, the more I see how carefully crafted it was. Right from the opening quotation; no even before the movie starts (if you read the poster). The film works toward a singular point. Jeff Bridges gives an even better performance than in last year’s Crazy Heart. The film’s protagonist played by Haillee Steinfeld also is deserving of possible acting awards as well as Barry Pepper in a brief supporting role. This movie has everything that you could want in an entertainment. Action, humor, intelligence, drama, subtext and a point to the story. The Coens win, again.]

2 The Way Back (An EPIC Peter Weir film. Politics played a large part in the number of lukewarm reviews that it received. Ed Harris is brilliant in this in a supporting role. I know. I know. He’s brilliant tin everything, but he really is here. The more I reassess how the film is structured and the nature of each character, the better it becomes in my eyes. Great, great film.)

1 The King’s Speech (My new #1. One of those rare films where there’s nothing to complain about. The best film of 2010 with what has to be the best performance of the year by Firth and the best supporting role by Rush. A GREAT movie.)

Looking forward to 2011. Hopefully it’ll be a good year.


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