Crash! Landen’s Worst 10 Movies of 2010 (Updated 7/27/11)

I didn’t see many 2010 films (Um… well, that was true at the time I first typed this). About 60 or so I think. The stipulations for getting on my list: First, I have to have seen the film. That’s… obvious, right? Second, the film has to suck to some substantial degree. That may not be entirely true with all of these. I gave two and a halves on Devil and The Last AirBender, I think. I have seen several REALLY awful films since I first made the list, though, so those two (and others) have fallen out of the Top (or Bottom) 10.  I also thought The White Ribbon was put together professionally (as was The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest). It just had too many warts. Greenberg probably deserved to be on this list, but I had to pick 10 and these are the 10 I went with. I left the ones that were formally on the list. If you want to know WHY I put them on the list, just click on the names and they’ll take you to my reviews.

(Bumped) Devil (M. Night avoids the double dip on my list.)

(Bumped) The Last Airbender (And Bumped. M. Night skates away….)

(Bumped) The Lovely Bones

(Bumped) Frozen

(Bumped) The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest (A real downer that this was the weakest of the trilogy.)

 The White Ribbon (BUMPED… At least this had some artistic merit in its ambiguity. Winter’s Bone, however….)

10 The Losers

9 The Wolfman

8 Kick Ass

7 Skyline6 Splice


5 Buried4 The Killer Inside Me

Winter’s Bone (And this sucker actually won awards. Take my word for it and stay as far away as you can.)

2 Alice In Wonderland

1 Clash Of The Titans

Wow, it looks like the summer blockbuster line-up doesn’t it? I really, REALLY wanted to like #1, but it did just about everything it could do to make me hate it, including insulting Ray Harryhausen during the film.

But there’s my 10. Not as awful as many past years, but nauseating enough… And if I was forced to watch the films in but one of my worst lists, 2010 might not be such a bad year to pick.

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