The Losers (2010) Short Review

I wasn’t in the target audience for this film. I like good movies. There are so many cliches borrowed from elsewhere that it gets kind of pathetic.

The CGI is spotty throughout and just horrible and cheap looking in some instances. This is also one of those movies that I can’t stand where a highly trained guy (the team leader of the Losers) that’s probably over 230 pounds is actually getting his @$$ handed to him by a 120 pound girl. The fact that he would even throw the first punch at her is stupid in itself. Apparently, it’s now chauvinistic to NOT hit a girl.

The way the fight occurs is she introduces herself as someone who wants to offer a business proposition, cocks a gun’s hammer behind her back and then they fight in slo mo for 2 minutes where she mostly gets the better of him. That he cares for children, but would beat up a woman is lame, but that he would get his @$$ kicked by her…. And if I was that 2nd or 3rd security guard, Chris Evans would have been shot. That might’ve helped the movie, too and I like Chris Evans. There were just too many ridiculous scenes. The ‘escape while handcuffed’ scene being the most braindead.

The writer (and characters) spend a lot of time trying to convince the audience how cool they are: line after silly line of flat attempts at humor, along with posturing and posing. There’s no tension in the entire film. Nothing’s ever in doubt and it unfolds exactly how you know it will.

The characters themselves are cartoonish, Jason Patric’s character being the prime example. I wish they had done less posturing and casting neutered threats at one another. Speaking of neutered there’s even a sex scene without sex. I guess they felt that they needed to titillate the youngsters, but remain PG-13 to sell more tickets (I guess).

Even the action scenes weren’t that well done. The story defies logic and is all over the board in tone trying to be grimly serious one moment and lighthearted the next.. The one positive thing I will say is it does have a decent look to it. Too bad the writing and direction was so amateurish. Very disappointing.

2 of 5


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