Kick Ass (2010) Short Review

I read the comics version of Kick Ass and didn’t care for it, despite being a fan of Romita Jr. So I didn’t see it at the theater.

SPOILERS: I hoped they had made improvements to the source material, but the story is still cliched and juvenile. That it was so unrealistic would be fine, but it was advertised as ‘what if someone tried to be a superhero in the real world’? There WERE some changes made that netted mixed results.

The Red Mist character’s tie to Mark Strong’s villain was given away immediately, so it took away any suspense when he betrays KickAss. At least the comics had that going for them, even if it was predictable. That they didn’t have Cage cop to being an accountant in the film was an improvement . That never made any sense in the source material.

There were times the filmmakers were assuming that the entire audience had read the comics; sometimes not giving explanations for what occurred onscreen. I also didn’t like the KickAss character. He comes off as a jerk especially in the introduction. His motivation to become KickAss as arbitrary is fine had they given more significance to his obsession with superheroes. As it is, he’s shown as a typical comic book store nerd. ALL comicnerds talk about if comic superheroes existed in the real world, but they don’t become costumed vigilantes. There needed to be more on why this one was so obsessed that he thinks it would be a good idea to be one.

And he never lives up to his name. Hitgirl was the only one doing that. The writer clearly was more interested in the 10 year old. Why the producers thought a large audience would care to see a foul mouthed 10 year old unrealistically killing adults in CGI action scenes with silly music in the background is laughable. That they marketed that aspect as the reason to see this speaks of their incompetence. Hopefully the producers find better material in the future so there won’t be a sequel inflicted on the world. Not with so many better comics properties.

1.5 of 5


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