Alice In Wonderland (2010) Short Review

Let me state up front that I havent been a fan of Tim Burton’s work for quite some time. While his films are somewhat imaginative visually (and I want to stress the word somewhat) I find his films have a soulless quality to them. I didn’t think this one was any different.

To start with the sets and character designs, it looks like they filmed everything in bright bold colors, but Burton was unhappy with that and had all of the colors muted. That, combined with the character designs, made for a very boring look. I can’t call the characters like the Red Queen (with her big noggin) grotesque, because at least that would be somewhat interesting. They’re just boringly weird. The sets and costumes are elaborate but that doesn’t help the story that is completely devoid of any suspense. From the moment Alice is told to be at a certain location to meet a certain obnoxious suitor who is going to ask her to marry him you know how the movie will go. Worried that some might not, Burton’s Alice constantly reminds you that she is in control of her dream. Hint. Hint. And if you then don’t know where it’s going then you’re probably who he’s aiming for.

It REALLY got tedious about an hour in and especially so once Alice dons armor and a sword, casually talking to herself during a very poorly choeographed battle on probably the most bland battleground that the CGI animators could come up with: a flat plain with virtually nothing in the background. Maybe they ran out of cash when they went to 3D, I dont know, but they should have spent the money on a better writer (and a better director).

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