Crash! Landen’s Worst 10 Movies of the 1980s

A good decade for bad movies and no… No Battle beyond The Stars. I like that one, believe it or not… I would have liked to had more of the bigger films on the list, but I can’t overlook some of the worst atrocities to humankind just because they were done to the little guy. Dune WAS #11, BTW… Here are 10 of the very worst celluloid abominations. I’ve already vomited over them in other posts so I won’t waste any more words on them. But here they are.

10 The Chocolate War

9 Jaws 3-D

8 Cameron’s Closet

7 Yor Hunter From The Future

6 Rumble Fish

5 Trick Or Treat

4 Killer Klowns from Outer Space

3 Troll

2 Humanoids From The Deep

1 Basket Case


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