Crash! Landen’s Best 10 Films of 1980

I finally made it through the decade…. Here’s 1980

Any Which Way You Can (Didn’t quite make my list).

10 Airplane! (‘Surely’, one of the best comedies of all time…)

9 Stir Crazy (The best film with the pairing of comedy legends Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor.)

8 Raging Bull (Why isn’t this higher you ask?) I love Robert Deniro and Martin Scorsese’s a brilliant director but after I watched this.. and rewatched it many times… I scratch my head at why it’s so highly regarded. Don’t get me wrong. It’s a pretty good film, BUT… The boxing scenes are HORRIBLE. And I don’t mean that like it’s shockingly violent. It’s ridiculous and completely unrealistic. I don’t think Scorsese had ever seen a boxing match. And they didn’t even try to find actors that even remotely looked like the real boxers. On top of that, Scorsese very clumsily uses scenes to try and link sex and violence in this character. He’s never been good at the films where he tries to use symbolism (see also my review of the painfully predictable Shutter Island) and here as in other films where je does this it feels like he’s fumbling for his keys in the dark. My two cents…)

7 Used Cars (A little talked about comedy starring Kurt Russell, daniel Stern and Jack Warden.)

6 Caddyshack (I don’t think I need to explain this one…)

5 Altered States (This movie is messed up. You’re either going to really like it or turn it off midway in.)

4 The Blues Brothers (Best band movie ever.)

3 The Shining (Kubrick’s horror classic that is far superior to the book. I’ve read it.)

2 The Elephant Man (Haunting would be a good word for David Lynch’s best film. Has a tremendous cast of British actors including Sirs John Gielgud & Anthony Hopkins, John Hurt and of course the late Anne Bancroft.

1 The Empire Strikes Back (I still say the original is the best of the series. This one doesn’t even have an ending, BUT… It’s still a great movie and one of the cornerstone flicks of my childhood. Lucas is still absolved of his later films with all of his pre-Willow movies.


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