Crash! Landen’s 10 Worst Films of 1980

My struggle to find 10 bad films for a particular year continues… I guess I was only subjected to good films as a kid. Here are the 10 I managed…

Update#1: Terror Train

Update #2: Harlequin

Saturn 3 (Bumped, thankfully… It’s not a movie that I will go out of my way to watch, but it is adequate as a low end sci fi diversion.))

Flash Gordon (Bumped. I like this one, too, but this one is COMPLETELY deserving of being here. It’s that cheesy.)

10 Popeye (An Altman film that’s interesting, but one of the dullest films about a cartoon character that you’ll ever find…)

9 Terror Train ( Does feature scream queen Jimie Lee Curtis at the height of her powers… Probably a step backward for her career, though. And Hart Bochner’s of Die Hard fame. “Hans… Boobie!”)

8 The Blue Lagoon  (If this was made today would it have glittering vampires in it? probably.)

7 My Bodyguard (I liked the actors and had decent memories of this until I rewatched it. It’s cringeworthy throughout.)

6 Harlequin (For a low budget Australian fantasy, it tries hard, but still manages to fail.)

5 Friday The 13th ( The movie that spawned all of those braindead sequels… and Kevin Bacon.)

4 City Of The Living Dead (Most of it makes absolutely no sense, but it is fun if you like shlocky, gore flicks with zombies. Maggot windstorms. Bleeding eyeballs. Crushed skulls. Someone vomiting their own intestines. And it has some really well lit rising zombies towards the end. It doesn’t make this a good film, though. I just wish someone could explain that goofy final shot of the film to me.)

3 Alligator (One of those animals gone wild exploitation movies of the 70s and early 80s.)

2 Xanadu (Not even Olivia Newton John at the height of her considerable powers could save this one. And I WAS forced to watch this. It was not of my own volition.)

1 Humanoids Of The Deep (Has kind of a seediness that most B movies usually lack. Completely deserving of the bottom spot.)

Are there films worse than these that were made in 1980. Sadly, I’m sure there are. These are just from the movies that I’ve seen. This will also probably my last ‘Worst’ list since I’m having to put so movies that I thought were entertaining o my lists to complete them. There will be a Worst of the 1980s, though…


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  1. […] by a long shot, but it certainly isn’t a good film, either. It’ll certainly be on my Worst Films of 1980 List. A nice attempt, but still […]

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