Crash! Landen’s Worst 10 Movies of 1981

Out of the 10 films that I came up with as the worst of 1981, I think there is a definite divide between the bottom 5 and the rest. It’s a little surprising to me though, that 1981 featured an installment of ‘Friday The 13th’ (Part 2) and I can’t bring myself to put it on my list. It was Jason without the hockey mask. That in and of itself doesn’t make it a winner, but it did have a higher level of atmosphere than its predecessor and the later films…. How I remember it anyway… Regrettably there’s lots of genre flicks on my list. Just reflects personal taste I guess…

10 Excalibur (An arbitrarily dubbed, dreary King Arthur flick…. It is very watchable, though and a movie where you get a Patrick Stewart appearance before he was Jean Luc Piccard….)

9 Mommie Dearest (Actually not a terrible film as much as how annoyingly crazy Faye Dunaway is in this.)

8 Neighbors (I hate to put a movie with Belushi and Ackroyd on the list. I think I’m one of the few that liked this one. Is it a great film? No, but it’s watchable. Wish that I had seen 2 more stinkers so this wouldn’t be on the list.)

7 Outland (Another that’s not terrible, but even after re-watching this recently; I still found it as dull as when I originally saw it.

6 Heavy Metal (Okay, now I’m officially apologizing for the list. This IS an anthology and some of  the segments were better than others. The overall quality of the film is low, though; but maybe that’s fitting. In any case, I couldn’t find 4 crappier movies that I’ve seen from 1981, so here it be.)

5 Super Fuzz (This Terence Hill flick is hilarious and watchable, but it’s still a poorly written, poorly made movie. Still love it, though.)

4 The Incredible Shrinking Woman (Okay, here’s where sheer crappiness begins at the 5 spot. This tried to be a satirical comedy, but all it ended up being was a complete failure. Boringly nonsensical.)


3 The Intruder Within (I saw this on ABC as a kid. Scared the crap out of me as a kid. I must have scared easily.)

2 The Boogens (Saw this this year on TCM… Wow. Held up okay until it revealed the Boogens and became atrociously ridiculous.)

1 Wolfen (Was that really Albert Finney in this? As a kid, I thought this was going to be a werewolf movie; instead it turned out to be a complete mess and waste of time.


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