Crash! Landen’s Top 10 Movies of 1983

My Top Films of 1983… Let me first state, I have not seen Terms of Endearment and The Big Chill (EDIT: I’ve seen it, now…). I also have not seen Silkwood in so long that I remember virtually nothing about it. I recall it being good even for my still forming brain, but I can’t put it on the list with so little recollection of it. I’ll have to view (and re-view) some of these and others at some point…

So, here’s my 10…

WarGames (Bumped. A bit dated and overly melodramatic, but still worth seeing.)

10 Christine (The first of two from Stephen King, this one with John Carpenter directing. Could have easily been hokey, but Carpenter really gives the film a lot of style. A great horror flick.)

9 Twilight Zone: The Movie (Notable for a variety of reasons, but this is the rare anthology that preserves quality from start to finish, even with a truncated segment. John Lithgow should have won awards for his portrayal of the aerophobe.)

8 Educating Rita (Added this one recently. A great film that’s purported to be a romantic comedy, but I don’t think that’s the best description. It’s a great film, though with Sir Michael Caine as good as he ever was.)

7 National Lampoon’s Vacation (When the National Lampoon title meant something)

6 Something Wicked This Way Comes (I always like Jason Robards and this is probably my favorite film with him as an actor. This isn’t my list of favorites, though; it’s the films that I thought were the best and this is a very good film. Jonathan Pryce  and the two child actors are also good in this. A creepy movie, ultimately about fathers and sons.)

5 The Dead Zone (The second King film. This was directed by David Cronenberg and IMHO, his best. One of Chris Walken’s best roles, also.)

4 The Year of Living Dangerously  (Saw this recently. Gritty with a serious realism… One of Peter Weir’s best…  Not mentioned a whole lot when discussing great films, but it should be.)

3 Return of the Jedi (The final episode of the trilogy. I wish it had stopped there.)

2 A Christmas Story (I saw this at the theater with my mom as a kid. I loved it immediately. The odd thing is there was only about four other people in the theater. It completely bombed if I remember right. This was made by the guy (Bob Clark) who had made the slasher holiday flick Black Christmas and the Porky’s films to that point. The movie lacked a big star (although Darren McGavin and Melinda Dillon have been in some big films).  And it has become one of the most watched and beloved Christmas films ever made. Go figure.)

1 The Right Stuff (An outstanding epic film about a lot of daring Americans. One of the best of the decade and a one of the best historical movies ever made in any era.)


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