Week 14 Aftermath 2010 (And Jimbo’s first full regular season)

I picked with my heart yesterday and it shows…. None of my preseason picks panned out, especially the one that mattered the most. ‘Noles lose… When I read that Ponder was out for the game (darn bursa sac), I figured that it would be an uphill battle. EJ Manuel is probably going to be really good when he becomes the full time starter, but he is a step down from Ponder at the moment when it comes to the passing game. He hasn’t had too many picks in limited playing time, but if you’ve watched him, he does throw a bad ball every now and again. He’s thrown passes right into the chests of defenders and has been reasonably fortunate to not have them picked off. Against Virginia Tech, he wasn’t so lucky. Tech’s been a very opportunistic team under Coach Frank Beamer. I don’t know the stats, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the Hokies don’t have more picks than anyone else over the last 10-15 years…. However…

Besides the pick six, EJ played well enough to win. It was the defense that had too many lapses physically, fundamentally and mentally at times. The thing that made the Seminoles defense so good in the late 80s and 90s wasn’t just because their talent, but because they were sound in the fundamentals. They didn’t miss tackles and there was always a cluster of ‘Noles around the ball. Last night, there were numerous missed tackles, players out of position and bad angles taken. It’s hard to win when your defense allows 40 or more.

So Jimbo goes 9-3, beats FSU’s 2 biggest rivals, and  makes it to the ACC title game.  Dose that mean things are looking up for the ‘Noles? They still got blasted by Oklahoma, struggled with consistency, lost to teams that they should have beaten and struggled against teams that were less than powerhouses (Boston Collegs and Virginia come to mind). Sure

Anyway, I failed to win in the ESPN college Pick’ em (Yes I DID think that I would win. I’m THAT deluded)…. I even lost to a girl… That doesn’t even watch college football. Congrats Courtney. Darn Wiccan magic! I still beat who I wanted to beat, though… Speaking of which, ESPN’s ‘the Evil One’ managed to tie me. Again, I was doing that picking with the heart thing. I’ll have to beat her in the bowls…. Anyway, that’s it until the bowl games…

You know the drill: CORRECT and INCORRECT.

#1 Auburn vs South Carolina Crash! Picks:USC

#2 Oregon @ Oregon State Crash! Picks: Oregon

#9 Oklahoma @ Nebraska Crash! Picks: Oklahoma

#11 Boise State vs Utah State Crash! Picks: BSU

#21 Florida State Seminoles vs Virginia Tech Crash! Picks: ‘Noles!

#17 Nevada @ La. Tech Crash! Picks: Nevada

#24 West Virginia vs Rutgers Crash! Picks: West Virginia

In Other Games:

UCF over SMU

UW over Washington State

Pitt over Cincinnati


Hawaii over UNLV

This Week: Top 25 (5-2)… 0-1 in the ACC… 5-0 in other games…. 10-2 overall…

For the year: 265-89 ( 74.9%)… Top 25: 179-48 (78.9%)… In the ACC: 65-26(71.4%) tied with the Evil One…  In Other Games I finally got off the mat for a week: 30 -25 (54.5%)… Against The Gut: 11-10 (52.3%) .

Compare that to last Year: Top 25: 201-48 (80%)… In ‘Other Games:52-33 (61.2%)…  Combined:253-81(75.7%)…  5-15 (25%) vs ‘The Gut’. Against Evil FSU Hatin’ ACC Blogger Heather Dinich I’m 69-27(71.9%) to her 63-33…

I was better practically in every way last year… That about sums it up. The Bowl pairings are trickling in. The big one of course is who the ‘Noles play… Okay, for everyone else, it’s Auburn and Oregon. I have a suspicion it won’t be nearly as entertaining as last year (even if Colt McCoy got hurt early), but I hope it will be a good one.


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