Last Of The Walking Dead

The last episode (for the season) of the Walking Dead airs tonight. I have a very mixed opinion about the show and felt the best of the previous episodes was the last third of the pilot. After that, there was a dramatic drop in… logic… intelligence… storytelling… a level of competence that allowed me to suspend disbelief for a prolonged period… quality, really, after Frank Darabont’s initial episode. He’s back for the finale, so maybe it’ll pick back up a bit. I’ve refrained from reviewing these so far. I’m debating whether to since I will have seen the entire season in its entirety now and could make somewhat of an informed judgement. From what I’ve read, Robert Kirkman’s comics are never ending soap opera zombie serials so I’m aware I have to view this as strictly episodic entertainment rather than something that’s trying to make a point or to make the audience think a little, so this isn’t my favorite ‘form’ of storytelling anyway, but I have managed to stick with it to this point. I’ve heard the phrase ‘wow them in the end and you’ve got yourself a hit’. That need not apply, since the show is already a hit, but it may go a long way with myself to determine if I continue watching future episodes. I’m expecting a cliffhanger ending (to force the zombie viewership to want to know what happens next), but returning to a higher level than what’s been evident in the last 4 episodes will be the element that brings me back next year.


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