Crash! Landen’s Week 14 College Football Picks- Championship Week

I don’t know if this is my favorite or least favorite week of the season… After this, only the Bowl games are left…

In my preseason picks I haven’t fared well, but I still have a chance to keep from going ‘0’ fer… I missed on the SEC (Alabama)… Missed on the PAC10 (Stanford)… Missed on the Big 10 (Iowa)… I picked Nebraska to win the Big 12, and even though they’re in the Big Game, I’m not confident…  And the most important pick: FSU winning the ACC. Here are my picks…

#1 Auburn vs South Carolina Crash! Picks: Spurrier. Going with the underdog. I remember Spurrier’s Gators getting a rematch against a certain team in the Sugar Bowl and it was not plaesant to watch….

#2 Oregon @ Oregon State Crash! Picks: How can you not pick Oregon. This particular year, the Beavers look completely outclassed. Strange things do happen in college football, though.

#9 Oklahoma @ Nebraska Crash! Picks: Oklahoma… Switched  at the last moment. I can’t see Nebraska winning without a healthy Martinez…

#11 Boise State vs Utah State Crash! Picks: BSU by a field goal.

#21 Florida State Seminoles vs Virginia Tech Crash! Picks: Go ‘Noles!

#17 Nevada @ La. Tech Crash! Picks: Nevada (and why is BSU ranked ahead of Nevada? They have the same record. Nevada beat them last week. The AP are a bunch of idiots.

#24 West Virginia vs Rutgers (West Virginia)

In Other Games:

UCF over SMU

UW over Washington State

Pitt over Cincinnati


Hawaii over UNLV


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