Crash! Landen’s Week 14 College Football Poll

My Top 4 remain unchanged, but I have a sneaking suspicion there might be a dramatic change after next week. We’ll see.

Why do I have Ohio State above Wisconsin? OSU’s the better team, I don’t care if the Badgers scored 396 points in the last two games. Yes, they beat the Buckeyes AT HOME, where they bushwhacked OSU in the first quarter and had to hold on in the 4th quarter for a 3 point win. If they played on a neutral field the Buckeyes would win IMHO. I also have  the Spartans above the Badgers because they beat Wisconsin… I know; AT HOME, but it was a decisive win where Michigan State to a large degree shut Wisconsin’s offense down.

And Boise State falls all the way down to #18. The teams I have ahead of them would most likely be undefeated if they got to play the same cream-puff schedule. What about Virginia Tech you say? Va. Tech usually starts slow and BSU didn’t beat them as much as the Hokies beat themselves with turnovers and penalties. Sure Boise has a great team, but if they had to play in the bigger conferences, they might have a good year, but like the Northwesterns, Baylors, Oregon States and Vanderbilts; they’ll eventually fade back to the bottom of the pack. I don’t want to sound conspiratorial, but the reason they, along with TCU have been ranked in the AP’s Top 5 all year is because instead of these 2 teams being pitted against the bigger conferences in the bowl games last year, they were once again paired off against one another. That allowed them to maintain the facade that they can compete against the big boys without actually have to play them on the field. BSU failed even with the weak schedule. TCU will fail also, because the numbers don’t lie to the computers. Does that mean that the computers know better? No, but they don’t have the agendas that those involved in the voting have.

There’s my rant on that particular subject… Here’s my own Top 25:

#1 Auburn (12-0) Ranking Last Week: 1

#2 Oregon (11-0) Ranking Last Week: 2

#3 Stanford (11-1)  Ranking Last Week: 3

#4 Ohio State (11-1) Ranking Last Week: 4

#5 Michigan State (11-1) Ranking Last Week: 6

#6 Wisconsin (11-1) Ranking Last Week: 7

#7 TCU (11-0) Ranking Last Week: 8

#8 Virginia Tech (10-2) Ranking Last Week: 12

#9 Arkansas (10-2) Ranking Last Week: 13

#10 Missouri (10-2) Ranking Last Week: 14

#11 Oklahoma (10-2) Ranking Last Week: 15

#12 LSU (10-2) Ranking Last Week: 9

#13 Nebraska (10-2) Ranking Last Week: 16

#14 Oklahoma State (10-2) Ranking Last Week: 10

#15 South Carolina (9-3) Ranking Last Week: 17

#16 Alabama (9-3) Ranking Last Week: 11

#17 Florida State (9-3) Ranking Last Week: 22

#18 Boise State (10-1) Ranking Last Week: 5

#19 Texas A&M (9-3) Ranking Last Week: 18

#20 Mississippi State (8-4) Ranking Last Week: 20

#21 Nevada (10-1) Ranking Last Week: 23

#22 West Virginia (8-3) Ranking Last Week: 24

#23 Maryland (8-4) Ranking Last Week: 25

#24 NC State (8-4) Ranking Last Week: 19

#25 Hawaii (9-3) Ranking Last Week: NR



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