Week 13 Aftermath

Tons of great games on Saturday, the two best being FSU winning and NC State losing… And since it was the Gators that the ‘Noles beat, makes it that much better.No more Tebow!

And Randy Shannon getting fired…. Frankly, I thought they hired the wrong guy in the first place, so I was right about that, BUT… since he was their coach… I thought he would get one more year.Maybe there’s more stuff that will come out later, but being fired after a 7-5 season. Young team… injuries… A lot coming back, though… Maybe the South Florida game was the proverbial straw… but I thought he’d get one more year. Moving on.

CorrectIncorrect (I was 4-3 on Thursday/Friday Games… 3-2 Top 25… 1-1 in other games)…

#3 TCU over New Mexico…

#12 Arkansas upsets LSU

#6Stanford crushes OSU

#7 Wisconsin over Northwestern

#8 Ohio State over Michigan

#13 Oklahoma ‘upsets’ Okie State

#10 MSU over PSU

#14 Mizzou over Kansas

#16 Va. Tech over Virgina but I think it’ll be close for some reason

#18 South Carolina over Clemson (Against The Gut)

#20 Utah over BYU

#22 FSU over UF

And Maryland upsets #23 NC State… (Against The Gut… So I’m pickin’ with my heart. Go Noles!)

#24 Iowa big over Minnesota (Of all the games that I could have missed on… wow. HUGE upset.)

#25 MSU over Ole Miss (Against The Gut)

In The ACC:

BC over the ‘Scuse

Miami over South Florida

North Carolina over Duke

Wake over Vandy (Against The Gut)

Georgia over Georgia Tech

In Other Games:

UConn over  Cincinnati

UCF over Memphis

UT over Kentucky

Purdue over Indiana

Cal over UW

USC over Notre Dame (ATG)

17-3 in Top 25… 8-1 in the ACC to Evil FSU Hatin’ ACC Blogger Heather Dinich’s 4-5… But thanks for playing HD… In Other Games: An Awful 4-4… Against The Gut: 3-1 Grand Total: 25-8

For the year: 255-87 ( 74.6%)… 174-46 (79.1%)… In the ACC: 65-25 (72%) to the Evil One’s 64-26 (71.1%)…  In Other Games: 25 -25 (50%… wow)… Against The Gut: 11-10 (Last year I was a medium. This year it’s all decided by a coin flip, practically…).

Shocking how fast the year went… One more week, then it’s the long wait for the bowls… It’s amazing FSU rolled up Florida and it could’ve been worse. I hope Urban gets the proper medical attention. FSU matches up with Va. Tech very well and they’ll be the underdogs in the ACC title game. It oughta’ be a good one. I’m betting Oklahoma plays Nebraska in the Big 12 title game… And the Auburn/USC rematch on a neutral field should be a good one, too… Can’t wait. Oregon just has to beat their in-state rival to get to the national championship game, but that shouldn’t be too difficult this year… although stranger things have happened. Anyway… Go ‘Noles!


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