Week 13 Picks

Okay, another quick one since I’m doing this at the 11th hour… And saw that Nevada upset Boise! Woohoo! Didn’t think that they could do it, especially after I quit watching when it was 24-7… Wha’ hoppen? Maybe it was in the water yesterday since the Tigers Auburned Alabama in the same way from a 24-0 lead… Conrats to Auburn. The only thing that stands between them and the national championship game is South Carolina. And Steve Spurrier. Uh oh….Auburn didn’t beat USC so much last time as much as the Gamecocks blew it. The rematch might be a good one. Anyway, here’s my picks (I was 4-3 the last 2 days, BTW…):

#3 TCU over New Mexico… TCU will get beat by someone in their bowl game… Arkansas maybe?

#12 Arkansas upsets LSU

#6Stanford crushes OSU

#7 Wisconsin over Northwestern

#8 Ohio State over Michigan

#13 Oklahoma ‘upsets’ Okie State

#10 MSU over PSU

#14 Mizzou over Kansas

#16 Va. Tech over Virgina but I think it’ll be close for some reason

#18 South Carolina over Clemson (Against The Gut)

#20 Utah over BYU

#22 FSU over UF after 6 long years of frustration. I would like this to be a 200 point blowout, but I think it’ll come down to the wire…

And Maryland upsets #23 NC State… (Against The Gut… So I’m pickin’ with my heart. Go Noles!)

#24 Iowa big over Minnesota

#25 MSU over Ole Miss (Against The Gut)

In The ACC:

BC over the ‘Scuse

Miami over South Florida

North Carolina over Duke

Wake over Vandy (Against The Gut… Go ACC!)

Georgia over Georgia Tech

In Other Games:

UConn over  Cincinnati

UCF over Memphis

UT over Kentucky

Purdue over Indiana

Cal over UW

USC over Notre Dame (ATG…I have a weird feeling about this one)



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