Crash! Landen’s Week 12 Top 25 College Football Poll

I moved Auburn up to #1. They’ve been increasingly impressive for weeks now, whereas Oregon struggled at Cal. They both are similar, that they are both drastically better at home. That being said, as good as Auburn is playing I can’t see them goiing into Tuscaloosa and  beating Alabama in this year’s Iron Bowl, the most intense rivalry in any sport at any level. As far as Oregon goes, I can’t see them losing at home to ‘Zona or to a weak Oregon State team in their rivalry game. Oregon will most likely end up as the #1 team at the end of the year. It’ll be interesting to see who they end up playing.I’m also having trouble keeping BS University at #5, also. I honestly could not picture them beating Wisconsin (or Michigan State) after the epic beat down that they just put on Indiana.  If they or TCU makes it to the title game then this will be another one of those years where the 2 best teams end up playing in different bowl games. Just my opinion.

#1 Auburn (11-0) Ranking Last Week: 3

#2 Oregon (10-0) Ranking Last Week: 1

#3 Stanford (9-1)  Ranking Last Week: 2

#4 Ohio State (9-1) Ranking Last Week: 4

#5 Boise State (9-0) Ranking Last Week: 6

#6 Michigan State (9-1) Ranking Last Week: 8

#7 Wisconsin (9-1) Ranking Last Week: 9

#8 TCU (11-0) Ranking Last Week: 5

#9 Nebraska (8-1) Ranking Last Week: 7

#10 LSU (9-1) Ranking Last Week: 10

#11 Oklahoma State (9-1) Ranking Last Week: 11

#12 Alabama (8-2) Ranking Last Week: 13

#13 Virginia Tech (8-2) Ranking Last Week: 14

#14 Arkansas (8-2) Ranking Last Week: 16

#15 Missouri (8-2) Ranking Last Week: 17

#16 Oklahoma (8-2) Ranking Last Week: 18

#17 South Carolina (7-3) Ranking Last Week: 25

#18 Texas A&M (7-3) Ranking Last Week: NR

#19 NC State (7-3) Ranking Last Week: NR

#20 Mississippi State (7-3) Ranking Last Week: 15

#21 Iowa (7-3) Ranking Last Week: 12

#22 Maryland (7-3) Ranking Last Week: NR

#23 Florida State (7-3) Ranking Last Week: NR

#24 USC (7-3) Ranking Last Week: NR

#25 Arizona (7-3) Ranking Last Week: 20

Dropped Out:  UCF, Penn State, Florida and the worst 8-2 team in the nation:Utah. Most Impressive: Auburn, Stanford, Wisconsin, South Carolina… Least Impressive: Oregon, TCU, Nebraska



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