Crash! Landen’s Top 10 Films of 1985

There were some great films in 1985. I think Siskel & Ebert claimed that ’85 was a down year in American Film. It seems there was an emphasis on ‘entertainments’ instead of ‘serious’ films, but I disagree with their assumption. The movies that were made were very successful in what they sat out to do; make the audience laugh, make them cry or just give the audience an enjoyable distraction for 90 minutes or so.  There were some truly epic documentaries that year. Shoah was The Bald One’s Best of 1985 and The Fat One put the film in a category of its own apart and above his top 10 list. Having never seen all 9 hours of it, I can’t put it on my list. I would like to see the entire film.

Some other movies (that I did see in their entirety): there were some low budget horror flicks like Fright Night and a Corey Haim Classic: Silver Bullet. Both films provided a jump or two when I was a kid and both had plenty of big laughs.

There were a few elevated teen flicks like Real Genius, the very underrated and obscure Anthony Edwards/Linda Fiorentino teen spy flick ‘Gotcha!’ and then there’s the iconic Breakfast Club. Speaking of iconic,  Sylvester Stallone  starred in Rocky IV and the James Cameron scripted Rambo, the First Blood Sequel. Any year with an Eastwood western was a good one; 1985’s offering was Pale Rider (sort of a lesser reworking of his earlier High Plains drifter, but still worth watching). Martin Scorsese tried something a little lighter with After Hours… There were some good American ‘serious’ films like Mask, which I liked. It just didn’t make my list. Anyway, here’s my 10.

(Bumped) Legend (Ridley Scott continued to offer up mind numbingly stunning films like Legend that, like Blade Runner, was rejected by critics and audiences alike. I saw this  at the same time of Top Gun, another Tom Cruise movie, which was as ridiculous to me then as it is now. Legend’s not a perfect film, but for me is hands down better than Top Gun…).

10 Dreamchild ( A very creepy take on Alice In Wonderland that combines the story and the story behind the story. Jim Henson’s  Creature Shop does an outstanding and a little disturbing take on the familiar faces of Wonderland. It’s a little slow, but it’s both well written and superbly acted. Ian Holm has been in several productions of the story and does an outstanding turn as Carroll, himself. If you’re a fan of the book, this is an interpretation worth checking out.)

9 Better Off Dead (Slapstick and goofball, this delivers on its promise to make you laugh. Endlessly quotable. If you need a good laugh, buck up little camper and watch this one).

8 Young Sherlock Holmes (A highly underrated franchise that never was…)

7 Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (sadly the last time we’ll probably see Gibson as the title character that made him an international star).

6 The Goonies (If you grew up in the 80s, you’ll probably wonder why this isn’t higher on my list).

5 The Color Purple (Whoopi Goldberg’s greatest role…)

4 Witness (A great script and further proof of what a great actor Harrison Ford is…)

3 Back to the Future (Another iconic film… Shocking to think Marty was almost played by the much more stoic Eric Stolz).

2 Brazil (Maybe terry Gilliam’s best, most cohesive film and that’s saying a lot).

1 Ran (One of the first foreign flicks that I sought out on my own. It’s a beautiful film with a very poetic feel to it. Of course, it’s Kurosawa’s take on King Lear and by far my favorite version of the story. The war scenes are spectacularly performed; it’s Braveheart a decade before Braveheart. A masterwork in every sense of the word.


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