Week 10 Aftermath

Yesterday was probably my worst week picking games all year. Surely I will not match last year’s standard. Upsets abounded. Complete and utter chaos. Evil appears to be gaining the upper hand. Anyway… Incorrect Picks in Red. Correct In Green.

#1 Oregon over UW

#2 Auburn over a joke this late in the season…

#5 Utah over #3 TCU… Yup. Upset. (Against The Gut)

#4 BS University  over Hawaii, but semi-close…

#6 ‘Bama over #10 LSU

#7 Nebraska over ISU

#8 OU over Texas A&M

#9 Wisconsin over Purdue

#12 Mizzou over Texas Tech

#13 Stanford over #15 ‘Zona

#14 MSU over Minne-Soooota

#16 Iowa over Indiana

#17 Okie State over Baylor

#19 South Carolina over Arkansas

#23 Nevada over Idaho

#24 FSU over UNC GO ‘NOLES!

Clemson upsets NC State

ACC Games:

I already picked Ga. tech over the Hokies. Blew that one. The Ramblin’ Wreck had the lead until Nesbitt got hurt, though…

Wake over BC

Miami over Maryland

Virginia over Duke

In Other Games:

The ‘Scuse over Louisville

Florida over Vandy

UCLA over Oregon State

Texas over K State

USC over Arizona State

Totals: Top 25:11-6 ACC:2-4 To the Evil One’s 4-2 Other Games: A shockingly positive 3-2 Grand Totals: A putrid 15-11. I suck.

For the Year:190-63… Top 25: 130-35… ACC: 50-19 to the Evil One’s at 52-17 I have my work cut out now. Other Games: 14-16  Against The Gut:  8-9…

Yikes. Next week. Yes, next week…. C’mon ‘Noles!


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