Your Civic Duty As An American

So did you? Vote, that is? I did, so I’m extremely happy ATM. I love voting. Now I’ll get yet another opportunity to sit on a jury (Can’t wait!).Anyway… It looks like it’s a great day if you’re a Republican. Not so much if you’re a Democrat.

I do feel especially good today, though, not because I voted, but because I helped a friend (who may have been debating about whether to vote or not) to find a sample ballot and directed him to a political site that presents the candidates and all of the amendments and referendums.  And it presents an unbiased look at both sides. Who supports the amendments and why. Etc… I did this so that he could at least know who and what he was voting for. I know he voted the polar opposite of how I voted, but that’s okay. At least he took the time to at least read about who he was voting for. It’s important. If more people actually took the time to understand what they’re really voting for or against, then I feel they might actually make an informed decision not motivated by blind support of a particular party. They might even see my side a little.  And that’s a good thing.

Anyway, that’s as close as I want to get to ever writing about politics. Hopefully I’ll get picked as a Federal juror. You think I’m being sarcastic don’t you?  I think there aren’t enough intelligent people serving on juries, but that’s another bag of worms. I think I’ll stick to reviews, art and FSU football for now.



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