Crash! Landen’s Week 9 College Football Picks

#1 Auburn (!?!) @ Ole Miss  Crash! Picks: AU (But they won’t be #1  at the end of the year..)

#2 Oregon (!?!) @ USC  Crash! Picks: USC  (Oregon beats UCLA by 47 and they drop in the polls. Makes sense. Won’t prevent me from picking USC to upset them, though…)

#3 BS University already plastered their latest serving of cupcake… The great thing is even if the idiot sportswriters vote them #1, they’re schedule is so weak they won’t be in the national title game. Even if they’re the lone undefeated.

#4 TCU @ their latest cupcake…

#5 Michigan State (AKA The Team of Destiny) @ #18 Iowa Crash! Picks: Iowa redeems themselves after last week.

#6 Missouri @ #14 Nebraska Crash! Picks: The Huskers… This is the week of Redemption.

#8 Utah @ Air Force Crash! Picks: I was going to pick Air Force in the ‘trap game’ upset (they get TCU next week), but the Utes have been impressive even if they’re going up against less than top notch. The Utes haven’t had a letdown all year competition and I don’t think they’ll have one this week, either. Great coaching at Utah.

#9 Oklahoma vs Colorado in an old fashioned beatdown. OU’s biggest margin of victory all year, maybe.

#11 Ohio State @ Minnesota Crash! Picks: Ohio State and the only reason this won’t be an epic beatdown is because the sweater vest is allergic to running up the score. for the most part…

#13 Stanford (entirely too low of a ranking) @ Washington Crash! Picks: Stanford

#15 Arizona @ UCLA Crash! Picks: ‘Zona close…

#16 Florida State Seminoles @ NC State Crash! Picks:Go ‘Noles! They are the better team. Just hope they play like it instead of the way the played against BC…

#17 Okie State @ K State Crash! Picks:OSu (Against The Gut)

#19 Arkansas vs Vandy in another beatdown… Vanderbilt being the recipient, of course.

#20 Same Ol’ South Carolina vs Tennessee Crash! Picks: USC (Against the Gut)

#21 Mississippi State vs Kentucky  Crash! Picks:The Bulldogs

#22 Miami @ Virginia Crash! Picks: UM

#24 Nevada @ Utah State Crash! Picks: Nevada

#25 Baylor @ Texas Crash! Picks: Texas… To get upset by Iowa State, then Baylor just wouldn’t be believable…

ACC Games:

Maryland vs Wake Forest Crash! Picks: Maryland (Against The Gut)

Clemson @ Boston College Crash! Picks: Clemson

North Carolina vs William & Mary !?! What the—!?! What? William & Mary ?! (sputter)

Duke takes a butt whuppin’ @ Navy

In Other Games:

Northwestern @ Indiana Crash! Picks: Northwestern

The ‘Scuse @ Cininnati Crash! Picks: The Orange

Florida vs Georgia Crash! Picks: UGA (Against The Gut)

Michigan @ Penn State Crash! Picks: Michigan


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