An American Werewolf In London Review (5 of 5)

Continuing the Halloween reviews with An American Werewolf In London and I think my 50th review on my blog…Director John Landis was in some kind of zone back in the late 70s and early 80s. Everything he touched seemed to become an instant classic. An American Werewolf In London is no exception and remains my favorite werewolf flick and might be at the the top of the heap of horror comedies.

I probably shouldn’t call it a horror comedy, though. Whenever I try to make a list of best horror movies, this one fits right in with the likes of The Shining, Halloween, Nosferatu, The Omen, etc…

The story is straightforward, but adds several elements that hadn’t been seen before this. One of the best being the gathering of the undead victims… I won’t give anything away if you have not seen this, but it sets the standard for clever, witty writing in horror films.

Lead actor David Naughton is deadpan funny and is easily likeable. I wonder how he never became a bigger star after this. Griffin Dunne is hilarious as his best friend, especially once the film gets going. The actors that portray the rest of the undead provide some good laughs.

Jenny Agutter always conveyed intelligence as well as being uncommonly beautiful. She does so here in one of her best roles as a British nurse that takes in Naughton after he and his friend are attacked on the Moors.

Obviously the Rick Baker FX are outstanding, especially the transformation sequence, that unlike American Werewolf’s cousin (The Howling), was shot in a fully lit room.

I dont care that the werewolf doesn’t look quite like a real wolf. This is the most pissed off looking werewolf ever. Scared the pants off me when I was a kid. As with most of Landis’ films this also had an awesome soundtrack (featuring songs all relating to the moon). The entire movie is put together much more intelligently than most of the entries in this genre.

If you like monster or horror flicks I give you my highest recommendation to see this. An American Werewolf In London is a GREAT horror film and it’s a whole lot of fun. If you’re a horror fan and you have not seen this, then you owe it to yourself to see this classic film. Five whatevers out of five….


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