Week 8 Aftermath (Yikes)

As I said:Yikes. Maybe I should start picking the opposite of what I would pick. I even did poorly in my ESPN picks and have dropped to #2… I had a feeling on some of these games, but I didn’t pull the trigger… This week wasn’t that important, though. FSU doesn’t play until Thursday (and I’m trying to do this quick this week)…

Correct Picks in GREEN. Incorrect picks in RED.

Top 25 (13-6)

#1 Oklahoma @  #11 Missouri Crash! Picks: OU

#2 Oregon vs UCLA (Thursday) Crash! Picks: OU

#4 Auburn vs #6 LSU Crash! Picks: OU… I mean AU.

#5 TCU vs Air Force Crash! Picks: I’m picking the upset… Air Force

#7 Michigan State @ Northwestern Crash! Picks:MSU

#8 Alabama @ Tennessee Crash! Picks: ‘BAMA

#9 Utah vs Colorado State Crash! Picks:The Utes

#10 Ohio State vs Purdue Crash! Picks: OSU

#12 Stanford vs Wazoo State Crash! Picks: The Cardinal

#13 Wisconsin @ #15 Iowa Crash! Picks: Iowa

#14 Oklahoma State vs #16 Nebraska Crash! Picks: OSU (Against The Gut)

#18 Arizona vs Washington Crash! Picks: ‘Zona

#19 Texas vs Iowa State Crash! Picks: UT

#20 West Virginia vs Syracuse Crash! Picks:The Mountaineers

#21 South Carolina @ Vanderbilt Crash! Picks: USC

#22 Kansas State @ Baylor Crash! Picks: KSU

#23 Arkansas vs Ole Miss Crash! Picks: Arkansas

#24 Mississippi State vs UAB Crash! Picks:MSU

#25 Virginia Tech vs Duke Crash! Picks:VA Tech

ACC Games (3-2)

Maryland @ Boston Colege Crash! Picks:Maryland

Georgia Tech @ Clemson Crash! Picks:The Ramblin’ Wreck

Virginia vs Eastern Michigan Crash! Picks:The Cavaliers

North Carolina @ Miami Crash! Picks: North Carolina (Against The Gut)

In Other Games (2-3) Yikes…

Notre Dame vs Navy Crash! Picks: The Irish

Arizona State @ Cal Crash! Picks: ASU

Texas Tech @ Colorado Crash! Picks: Texas Tech

Hawaii @ Utah State Crash! Picks: Hawaii

Georgia @ Kentucky Crash! Picks: UGA

So Totals” 17-11 overall… 13-6 in Top 25… 3-2 in the ACC (Tied the Evil One)… 2-3 in Other games… (0-2 Against the Gut)…

So Grand Totals for the year: 154-46… 113 -26 in Top 25 Games… ACC 45-12 (To the Evil One’s 44-13)… In Other Games: 9-12(It’s getting worse, isn’t it?)) and The Gut is making a comeback. I’m now 6-7.


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