Crash! Landen’s Week 7 Picks Aftermath

I don’t care how ugly the Boston College game was, FSU still won. And Florida lost, so I’m happy. FSU struggling was shocking to me, not because I’m one of those fans that think because FSU beat Miami that noone can possibly stand up to their rumbling juggernaut. It’s because BC is that bad on offense this year. Even worse than the Gators, but that game wasn’t shocking. I expected UF to lose. That won’t be the last time for them to lose this year, either.

Thanks you Wisconsin for almost guaranteeing that BS University and/or TCU will play for the national championship. WTF? WTF? WTF? WTF? WTF?… Sorry. I hope you don’t read text shorthand…. Great win for the Badgers…. I called that one, also. Got a crapload of others wrong, though.

Nebraska losing to Texas wasn’t out of the blue, really. I did think that would be close, but close with the Huskers winning. UT’s QB was something like 2-10 in the first half and Texas was up 2 TDs. Yeesh.

Mallet got hurt, but I don’t think it mattered. Arkansas couldn’t stop the Cam Newton Express Train that ran all over them. Iowa trounced Michigan at home. Iowa’s still my pick to win the Big 10.

Aaaaaannnd Hawaii just beat Nevada. That’ll hurt BS University a bit in the strength of schedule…. Good.

As always GOOD Picks in GREEN. Bad Picks in RED.

#1 Ohio State @ #18 Wisconsin Crash! Picks: Wisconsin

#3 BS University @ San Jose State Crash! Picks: BS (Closer than you might think)

#4 TCU vs BYU Crash! Picks: TCU

#5 Nebraska vs Texas Crash! Picks: The Huskers (Also closer than you might think)

#6 Oklahoma vs Iowa State Crash! Picks: OU HUGE

#7 Auburn vs #12 Arkansas Crash! Picks: Arkansas (Close)

#8 Alabama vs Ole Miss Crash! Picks: ‘Bama

#9 LSU vs McNeese State Crash! Picks:Tigers BIG

#10 South Carolina @ Kentucky Crash! Picks: USC

#11 Utah vs Wyoming Crash! Picks: The Utes

#13 Michigan State vs Illinois Crash! Picks: MSU

#15 Iowa @ Michigan Crash! Picks: A well rested Iowa

#16 FSU vs BC Crash! Picks: Go ‘Noles!

#17 Arizona @ Wazoo State Crash! Picks:Any D-1 team over Wazoo State

#19 Nevada @ Hawaii Crash! Picks: Nevada (Against the gut).

#20 Oklahoma State @ Texas Tech Crash! Picks: Okie State

#21 Missouri @ Texas A&M Crash! Picks: A&M

#22 Florida vs Mississippi State Crash! Picks: MSU

#23 Air Force vs San Diego State Crash! Picks: Air Force (But this one may be close). Yeah. Real close. So close Air Force lost.

#24 Oregon State @ Washington Crash! Picks: OSU … Actually I changed my pick before the ESPN Pick’em looked, so I actually got this one….

#25 West Virginia vs South Florida Crash! Picks: West Virginia

ACC Games:

Maryland @ Clemson Crash! Picks: Clemson

NC State @ East Carolina Crash! Picks: NC State

Wake Forest @ Virginia Tech Crash! Picks:Tech

Georgia Tech vs Middle Tennessee Crash! Picks: Tech

Miami @ Duke Crash! Picks: Miami

North Carolina @ Virginia Crash! Picks: North Carolina

In Other Games:

Cincinnati  @ Louisville Crash! Picks:The Bearcats

Cal @ USC Crash! Picks: Cal  Missed that one slightly.

Pitt @ The ‘Scuse Crash! Picks: The ‘Scuse Against The Gut

Vanderbilt @ Georgia Crash! Picks: UGA (Yes, I’m picking this one to help me get to .500 in ‘The Other Games’… I admit it.)

Minnesota @ Purdue Crash! Picks: Minnesota. If they’re smart enough to load the box with 8… no, 9 guys, they ‘ll win, even if it is at Purdue… (No, they weren’t smart enough).

So, let’s see. ..

So… Grand Totals Coming In: 116-24… 86-13 in Top 25 games… ACC 36-9 (T0 The Evil One’s 35-10).  In Other Games I’m 5-6… 6-3 vs the Gut.

Today I was (Wow. A lot of RED) 14-7 in Top 25 which I think is my worst week so far this year. 6-1 in the ACC… The Evil One went 6-1 also.  2-3 in other games (continuing my less than stellar predictions) and 0-2 vs the Gut.

New Grand Totals: 137-35… 100 -20 in Top 25 Games… ACC 42-10 (To the Evil One’s 41-11)… In Other Games: 7-9 (AWFUL!) and The Gut is starting to show up. I’m now 6-5.

I believe FSU is off next week, so interest will be down. Go ‘Noles!


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