Crash! Landen’s Worst Films Of 1986

There were other films that probably could’ve replaced some of these, but this is probably the best list I could come up with for 1986. I’ve probably forgotten a mass of them, though….  You might wonder why Howard The Duck isn’t on the list? Why? I thought it was a GREAT movie, that’s why. You’re lucky it’s not going on my Top 10 Films of 1986…  One of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s few stinkers in this time frame, Raw Deal might deserve to be here, though, as well as the Billy Crystal/ Gregory Hines WAY over the top buddy flick Running Scared. Anyway, here are the cream of the crap.

10 Maximum Overdrive (A terrible preposterous movie, but I enjoy it anyway. A sentient 18 wheeler with the Green Goblin’s face on the grill. Just wacky!)

9 Peggy Sue Got Married (Just for the voice Nic Cage went with in this… The man has no shame.)

8 The Boy Who Could Fly (Likean after school special with REALLY bad FX and a corny premise and ending.)

7 Wildcats (Enjoy this one, too. But it’s still crap.)

6 Cobra (Hilarious!… Crime’s the cancer and he’s the cure… Hilarious!)

5 Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives (Let’s face it, most of the films in this series deserve to be on a worst list. There are some exceptions, though.)

4 Armed and Dangerous (Another terrible film that I have a soft spot for. May actually be worth watching for Meg Ryan alone…Why is this on my list?)

3 Solarbabies (Every bit as bad as the title…)

2 Trick Or Treat (Erased from my memory. Thought the soundtrack was terrible, too. Kind of a cool poster, though)

1 Troll (As boring as a fantasy film can be with AWFUL FX…. Stay away if you value your sanity.)


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