Crash! Landen’s 10 Best Films of 1986

I know what you’re thinking. “Where’s Platoon? Where’s that Woody Allen movie? Blue Velvet? Hello?” And my answer would be: ” Great movie and in my top 20, but a little overrated (see Full Metal Jacket for a better Vietnam War movie)… Didn’t see it… Blue Velvet was decent, but it had a lot of flaws (illogical actions and reactions, overacting, an erroneous viewpoint, etc)…. And, hi.

More movies that didn’t quite make my list: Labyrinth… The Mosquito Coast… One Crazy Summer… The Mission… F/X… Henry:Portrait of A Serial Killer… Short Circuit… The Money Pit… There were a plethora of watchable movies in 1986, but most of them didn’t reach great heights. So here’s my list, which may reflect on my age at the time, I don’t know…

Update #1: A glaring error: Highlander.

Stand by Me (Bumped, but a  above average coming of age film with the typical Stephen King gross outs…It very easily could be on my list.)

10 Lucas (Introduced Winona Ryder, Kerri Green… and one of the Coreys. )

9 Crocodile Dundee (Big, dumb fun, but if hadn’t been such a great film, it would never have been the gigantic hit that it was.)

8 River’s Edge (I saw this one probably too young age and it was disturbing. I’d like to see it again to see if it holds up.)

7 The Color of Money (A very underrated film. I think this one actually got bad reviews, if I remember right.)

6 Big Trouble in Little China (Yes. Number 6. It’s that good. Just ask ol’ Jack Burton.)

5 Highlander (I overlooked this one on my list. It’s a great film, even with its many glaring flaws. The scenes set in the past hold up pretty well. The scenes in the ‘present’ (of 1986) are so thoroughly grounded in the 80s that it may reach the point of distraction. It was a very ambitious undertaking for a lower budget film. That doesn’t change the fact that it’s a great fantasy film, though, and Christopher Lambert, Sean Connery, Clancy Brown and that hot babe that plays Lambert’s wife in the 16th century are all great in this.)

4 Hoosiers (One of the best sports films of all time.)

3 The Hitcher ( Very creepy film with one of the more gruesomely memorable endings of all time and it only occurs in your head, not onscreen.)

2 Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (There’s a drastic separation between my Top 2 and the rest of the list. This is one of the best comedies of all time.)

1Aliens (A sequel that is as good as the original and maybe even surpasses it some ways. Still holds up very well and should for a long time.)


2 Responses to “Crash! Landen’s 10 Best Films of 1986”

  1. Crash! Landen Says:

    Hey, thanks for the comment! I did post a comment over there. It is a really great film and deserves to be seen by people who like movies (and maybe shoot pool).
    I know probably no one agrees on lists like this; this is just my own faves… I do them really just for me, but hopefully someone might take a chance on one of my suggestions that maybe they haven’t seen or be swayed by my warnings on my ‘crap’ lists.

  2. san mateo pete Says:

    Great post…I forgot what a good year 1986 was for movies. Ferris, Hoosiers, and The Color of Money are very high on my all-time list. BTW, would love your thoughts on my Top 10 quotes from The Color of Money: You’re right, it’s a very underrated movie.

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