Week 6 Aftermath (FSU Warchant Plays On…)

45-17… It’s been a while since FSU did what they did to Miami: put a beatdown on a good team. Okay, they did it to BYU last year, but BYU isn’t UM. The defense was just opportunistic enough and even though Miami ran about a quarter’s worth of plays more than FSU; the ‘Noles managed to slow the Canes down and most importantly kept them out of the endzone. It would’ve been worse if Randy Shannon wasn’t  so crazy (going for it on 4th & 1 on the ‘Canes side of the field/down 21 in the first half).

The fleet of running backs (TJT according to William Floyd, but how about T3 for Thomas, Thompson and Ty? Just throwin’ it out there…) hit one big gainer after another. Ponder only had to make key passes here and there to mostly keep the chains moving (The 3rd &11 TD was BIG, though). The O-Line smacked the Miami D0-Line around all night (while the Miami O-Line held all night… and got away with it).

Jacory Harris threw a single pick; but only because FSU defenders couldn’t catch all night. They had MANY opportunities to do so and only got the one. Hopefully, FSU won’t get the inflated cranial regions and blow it against a weak team like BC. Oh… and Happy Birthday, Jimbo…. But we’re supposed to give YOU gifts.

As for the other games… I made a lot of bad picks. I still beat ESPN’s Evil FSU Hatin’ ACC Bloggr Heather Dinitch this week, but that goes without saying… I’m actually surprised at the ‘Bama upset. I thought South Carolina was capable of winning (especially with the Ol’ Ball Coach calling the plays), but USC QB Stephen Garcia has burned me (and his team) over and over again in his less than outstanding 4th quarter play. Just 1 game ago, he fumbled twice in the 4th, to give Auburn a come from behind win over the Gamecocks). So I said, until he proves me wrong, I can’t bring myself to pick South Carolina. Now that he has, I’ll pick them and they’ll probably lose to Vandy.

Stanford had a close call. I expected the close game. I didn’t expect Michigan State to trash Michigan at home. I did figure Robinson would have to have an ‘average’ game at some point, just didn’t figure it would be against the intra-state rival.LSU surprised me also. I told a friend that if I picked Florida (I’ll admit it… I did), LSU would suddenly find their lost offense that’s been missing since the first half of their first game. Sure enough…

In other games… Arizona losing is not a big surprise… I laugh that some of those ESPN guys picked Iowa State over a ‘shaky’ Utah team. The Utes won by 41…. I’m a believer…

So… Grand Totals Coming In: 116-24… 86-13 in Top 25 games… ACC 36-9 (T0 The Evil One’s 35-10).  In Other Games I’m 5-6… 6-3 vs the Gut.

Correct Picks in GREEN. Incorrect picks in RED.

#1 Alabama @ #19 South Carolina Crash! Picks: ‘Bama (but close)

#2 OSU vs Indiana Crash! Picks: The Buckeyes big.

#3 Oregon @ Wazoo State Crash! Picks: The Quack Attack

#4 BS University vs Toledo Crash! Picks: BSU

#5 TCU vs Wyoming Crash! Picks: TCU

#7 Nebraska @ Kansas State Crash! Picks: Nebraska

#8 Auburn @ Kentucky Crash! Picks:Auburn

#9 ‘Zona vs The Beavers Crash! Picks: A’Zona

#10 Utah @ Iowa State Crash! Picks: Utah

#11 Arkansas @ Texas A&M Crash! Picks: The Hawgs

#12 LSU@ #14 UF Crash! Picks: regrettably the Gators

#23 Florida State @ #13 Miami Crash! Picks: Go ‘Noles!

#16 Stanford vs USC Crash! Picks: Stanford

#17 MSU @ #18 Michigan Crash! Picks: Michigan

#20 Wisconsin vs Minnesota Crash! Picks: Wisconsin

#21 Nevada vs San Jose State Crash! Picks: Nevada

#24 Mizzou vs Colorado Crash! Picks: Missouri

#25 Air Force vs Colorado State Crash! Picks:Air Force

ACC Games:

NC State vs BC Crash! Picks:NC State

Georgia Tech vs Virginia Crash! Picks: Tech

Clemson  @ North Carolina Crash! Picks: Clemson

Wake Forest vs Navy Crash! Picks: Navy

Central Michigan @ Virginia Tech Crash! Picks: Tech

In Other Games:

Tennessee @ Georgia Crash! Picks: Georgia

South Florida vs The ‘Scuse Crash! Picks: USF

Penn State vs Illinois Crash! Picks: JoePa

Top 25: 14-4… ACC 5-1 (To HD’s 4-2)  Other Games: 1-2… Total:19-7

So… Grand Totals Coming In: 135-31… 100-17 in Top 25 games… ACC 41-10 (T0 The Evil One’s 39-12).  I continue to suck picking The Other Games I’m 6-8. 6-3 vs the Gut, still.

The ‘Noles get BC, next.


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