Crash! Landen Week 6 College Football Picks

Upsets in RED. I don’t see too many of them this week.

#1 Alabama @ #19 South Carolina Crash! Picks: ‘Bama (but close)

#2 OSU vs Indiana Crash! Picks: The Buckeyes big.

#3 Oregon @ Wazoo State Crash! Picks: The Quack Attack

#4 BS University vs Toledo Crash! Picks: BSU

#5 TCU vs Wyoming Crash! Picks: TCU

#7 Nebraska @ Kansas State Crash! Picks: Nebraska

#8 Auburn @ Kentucky Crash! Picks:Auburn

#9 ‘Zona vs The Beavers Crash! Picks: A’Zona

#10 Utah @ Iowa State Crash! Picks: Utah

#11 Arkansas @ Texas A&M Crash! Picks: The Hawgs

#12 LSU@ #14 UF Crash! Picks: regrettably the Gators

#23 Florida State @ #13 Miami Crash! Picks: Go ‘Noles!

#16 Stanford vs USC Crash! Picks: Stanford

#17 MSU @ #18 Michigan Crash! Picks: Michigan

#20 Wisconsin vs Minnesota Crash! Picks: Wisconsin

#21 Nevada vs San Jose State Crash! Picks: Nevada

#24 Mizzou vs Colorado Crash! Picks: Missouri

#25 Air Force vs Colorado State Crash! Picks:Air Force

ACC Games:

NC State vs BC Crash! Picks:NC State

Georgia Tech vs Virginia Crash! Picks: Tech

Clemson  @ North Carolina Crash! Picks: Clemson

Wake Forest vs Navy Crash! Picks: Navy

Central Michigan @ Virginia Tech Crash! Picks: Tech

In Other Games:

Tennessee @ Georgia Crash! Picks: Georgia

South Florida vs The ‘Scuse Crash! Picks: USF

Penn State vs Illinois Crash! Picks: JoePa




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