Week 5 Picks Aftermath

Florida State won. Florida lost. It can’t get much better than that.  The good teams and the pretenders are starting to sort themselves out. Alabama manhandled Florida. If ‘Bama has a weakness, I don’t know what it is unless you want to say they’re young in the secondary. Hasn’t hurt them any. They may face off again at the end of the year, though. I can’t see LSU beating them next week with an offense even more inept than UF’s. South Carolina may have a chamce, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. That Georgia win isn’t looking quite as good anymore. If they didn’t have a QB that has self destructed in the 4th quarter for four years now, they might be dangerous.

The Oregon-Stanford game was a great game, but I think Oregon got a little home cooking in that one. The big hit that turned the game around in the 3rd quarter was an illegal one and I’m surprised that noone mentioned that when it happened. Harbaugh couldn’t get anything called, though. there were several ‘missed’ calls by the refs. Oregon has a good team, They don’t need help.

There was a scare or two in the Top 25… even an upset… USC fell to UW for the 2nd straight year. Virginia Tech continues to recover than their early season disaster to beat NC State. Indiana NEARLY shocked the world against Michigan. LSU/UT’s ending was ridiculous. The Mad Hatter has more disastrous wins than any other coach.

The ‘Noles won again and that’ll set up a pretty game against in-state rival Miami next week. The teams are pretty evenly matched this year (I think). Harris turns the ball over a little more than Ponder, though, so maybe that’ll be the difference.

Anyway… On to the picks: As always to make it easy on myself…. Correct picks in GREEN. Incorrect picks in RED.

#1 Alabama vs #7 Florida Crash! Picks: ‘BAMA
#2 Ohio State @ Illinois Crash! Picks: OSU
#3 Boise State @ New Mexico State Crash! Picks: BS University

#4 Oregon vs #9 Stanford Crash! Picks: Stanford (Against The Gut)
#5 TCU @ Colorado State Crash! Picks: TCU
#8 Oklahoma vs #21 Texas Crash! Picks: OU (Against The Gut)
#10 Auburn vs Louisiana-Monroe Crash! Picks: Auburn

#24 Michigan State vs #11 Wisconsin Crash! Picks: Wisconsin
#12 LSU vs UT Crash! Picks: LSU
#16 Miami @ Clemson Crash! Picks: UM
#17 Iowa vs #22 Penn State Crash! Picks: Iowa

#18 USC vs Washington Crash! Picks: USC
#18 Michigan vs Indiana Crash! Picks: UM
#23 NC State vs Va. Tech Crash! Picks: Tech
#25 Nevada @ UNLV Crash! Picks: Nevada

ACC Games

BC @ Notre Dame Crash! Picks: The Irish

Florida State vs Virginia Crash! Picks: ‘Noles!

Maryland  vs Duke Crash! Picks: UM

North Carolina vs East Carolina Crash! Picks: UNC

Wake Forest vs Georgia Tech Crash! Picks: GT

Other Games:

OSU over Texas A&M

UK @ Ole Miss Crash! Picks: Ole Miss

Navy @ Air Force Crash! Picks: Air Force

Georgia @ Colorado Crash! Picks: UGA

Overall 20-4. Top 25 Picks: 12-3. In ACC games: 7-0 vs The Evil One’s 6-1. Other Games: 3-1 ATG:1-1

So…Grand Totals : 116-24 (83%)… 86-13 in Top 25 games… ACC 36-9 (T0 The Evil One’s 35-10… Back On Top).  In Other Games I’m 5-6… Not quite respectable yet….  6-3 vs the Gut.


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