Week 4 Aftermath

There were a lot of close calls this week. Arkanas played their best game of the year until the 4th quarter against ‘Bama. I had picked them to win this game before the season started, but after seeing them actually play I doubted their ability to beat the Top Ranked team. They’ll still beat a lot of teams this year and still have an outside chance of making it to the SEC title game. Outside chance. Oklahoma continued to struggle with anyone not named Florida State. South Carolina’s Garcia once again helps the other team win late in a game.Spurrier’s been trying to kick that ball for 4 years now and Garcia continues to pull the ball away at the last second. LSU continues to win without an offense. Penn State escapes Temple. The UT/UCLA game was shocking. It might actually work to their advantage, though with OU looming. And FSU continues to confound. I watched the Wake game. FSU didn’t play well. Yet they won 31-0 and got a late TD by EJ, the backup QB. At least they won, though. I also managed to tie things back up with The Evil One.

Grand Totals coming in: 71-15… 56-8 in Top 25 games… ACC 23-7 (to The Evil One’s 24-6).  In Other games I’m 1-4.  3-2 vs the Gut…

Correct Picks in Green. Upsets are in Red

#1 Alabama @ #10 Arkansas Crash! Picks ‘Bama

#2 Ohio State vs Eastern Michigan Crash! Picks OSU

#3 Boise State vs Oregon State Crash! Picks: BS U

#4 TCU @ SMU Crash! Picks: TCU

#5 Oregon @ Arizona State Crash! Picks:Oregon

#6 Nebraska vs South Dakota State Crash! Picks: The Huskers

#7 Texas vs UCLA Crash! Picks: Texas

#8 Oklahoma @ Cincinnati Crash! Picks: OU

#9 Florida vs Kentucky Crash! Picks: UF

#11 Wisconsin vs Austin Peay Crash! Picks: Wisconsin

#17 Auburn vs #10 South Carolina Crash! Picks: Spurrier

#13 Utah vs San Jose State Crash! Picks: Utah

#14 Arizona vs Cal Crash! Picks:’Zona

#15 LSU vs West Virginia Crash! Picks: LSU

#16 Stanford @ Notre Dame Crash! Picks: Stanford

#18 Iowa vs Ball State Crash! Picks: Iowa

#20 USC @ Wazoo State Crash! Picks: USC

#21 Michigan vs Bowling Green Crash! Picks: UM

#23 Penn State vs Temple Crash! Picks: PSU

#25 Michigan State vs Northern Colorado Crash! Picks: MSU

ACC Games

FSU! vs Wake Forest Crash! Picks: ‘Noles!

Maryland vs FIU Crash! Picks: Maryland (Against The Gut)

NC State @ Georgia Tech Crash! Picks: GT

Army @ Duke Crash! Picks: Duke

UNC @ Rutgers Crash! Picks:UNC (Also Against the Gut)

Virginia vs VMI Crash! Picks: Virginia

Miami Over Pitt Crash! Picks: Miami

BC vs Va. Tech Crash! Picks: VT

In Other Games:

Georgia @ MSU Crash! Picks: UGA

Nevada @ BYU Crash! Picks: BYU

Top 25 Picks… Not bad. 18-2. In ACC games: 6-2 vs HD’s 5-3. Other Games: 1-1 ATG:2-0

Grand Totals : 96-20… 74-10 in Top 25 games… Last year I was 70-17 (91-24 overall) at this point so the percentage is up.  ACC 29-9 (Tied with  The Evil One).  In Other games I’m 2-5.  5-2 vs the Gut. The Gut is not picking well this year.


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