Week 3 Picks Aftermath

Again, I indicate the ones I got right in Green. Picks that are incorrect are in RED.

#1 Alabama @ Duke Crash Picks: ‘Bama BIG. (Actual Point Differential:49)

#2 Ohio State vs Ohio Crash Picks: OSU BIG. (Actual Point Differential:37)

#3 BSU @ Wyoming Crash Picks: BSU BIG. (Actual Point Differential:45)

#4 TCU vs Baylor Crash Picks: TCU BIG. (Actual Point Differential:35)

#5 Oregon vs Portland State Crash Picks:  Oregon BIG (Actual Point Differential:69)

#6 Texas @ Texas Tech Crash Picks: Texas… Thoroughly, but not BIG. (Actual Point Differential:10)

#7Oklahoma vs Air Force Crash Picks: OU, but close. REALLY close. (Actual Point Differential:3)

#8 Nebraska @ Washington Crash Picks:The CornPelinis.  (Actual Point Differential:35 This was over early, though)

#9 Iowa @ ‘Zona Crash Picks: Iowa, but close. Low scoring game. (Actual Score: Arizona 34 Iowa 27)

#10 Florida @ Tennesse Crash Picks: Tennesse in a BIG upset. Urban’s head explodes. (Actual Score: UF 31 UT17 Urban’s head still intact)

#11 Wisconsin vs Arizona State Crash Picks: Wisconsin, but close. (Actual Point Differential:1)

#12 Arkansas @ Georgia Crash Picks:Arkansa timidly. Georgia is an enigma. (Against the Gut.) (Actual Point Differential:7 Was Tied late.)

#13 South Carolina vs Furman Crash Picks: Spurrier BIG. (Actual Point Differential:19 SC was flat.)

#14 Utah @ New Mexico Crash Picks: UTAH BIG (Actual Point Differential:42)

#15 LSU vs Mississippi State Crash Picks: LSU BIG. (Actual Point Differential:22)

#16 Auburn vs Clemson Crash Picks: Auburn BIG. (Actual Point Differential:3 in OT. And Clemson looked like the better. more physical team.)

#18 USC @ Minnesota Crash Picks: USC BIG. (Actual Point Differential:11)

#19 Stanford vs Wake Forest Crash Picks: Stanford BIG. (Actual Point Differential:44 and could’ve MUCH worse)

#20 Michigan vs Massachusetts Crash Picks: Michigan BIG. REALLY BIG. (Actual Point Differential:5 Michigan was flat.)

#21 West Virginia vs Maryland Crash Picks: Maryland  (Actual Score WV 31 UM 17 and it was never close. Never trust the Friedge…)

#22 Penn State vs Kent State Crash Picks: JoePa BIG. (Actual Point Differential:24)

#23 Houston @ UCLA Crash Picks: Houston BIG, but only if Keenum plays. (Actual Score UH 13 UCLA 31 Keenum was knocked out of the game again. Wouldn’t have won anyway.)

#25 Oregon State vs Louisville Crash Picks: OSU (Actual Point Differential:7)


FSU vs BYU Crash Picks: The ‘Noles BIG. (Actual Point Differential:24)

NC State vs Cincinnati Crash Picks: ‘NC State (Already got this one 30-19)

Georgia Tech vs North Carolina Crash Picks: North Carolina. Against The Gut. (GT30 NC 24 The Gut was right. NC had their chances.)

Virginia Tech vs East carolina Crash Picks: VT (Barely.) (Actual Point Differential:22 But VT was trailing throughout. They pulled away at the end.)

Other Notable Games:

Cal Over Nevada ( Actual Score:Nevada 52 Cal 31 Blew that one I guess.)

Kansas @ Southern Miss Crash Picks: Southern Miss (Actual Point Differential:15 And not a surprise.)

Vanderbilt @ Ole Miss Crash Picks: Ole Miss FREAKING HUGE  (Actual Score Vandy 28 Ole Miss 14)

Notre Dame @ MSU Crash Picks: Notre Dame in a nailbiter. (Actual Score MSU34 ND31 MSU wins in OT with a fake FG. It WAS a nailbiter.)

So this week I was  19-4 in Top 25 games. I did poorly in the ACC going 6-2 The Evil One went 8-0. WTH? I’m behind… Crap! Anyway, in other notable games I was 1-3. Stupid Notre Dame Defense. Burned me 2 weeks in a row now. Fool me once, shame on you…. Overall:23-8 and 1-1 vs the Gut, but I think the Gut was trying to steer me clear of a few others, too…

Grand Totals for the year:71-15… 56-8 in Top 25 games… ACC 23-7 to The Evil One’s 24-6 … Aaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuugggggggghhhhhhhhh!!!

In Other games I’m 1-4. Wow. And 3-2 vs the Gut… MUST do better next week. Must catch the Evil One…


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