Crash! Landen’s BIG Week 3 Picks

GET OVER IT… I hope that’s what Jimbo tells the Noles this week… All you can do really. Move on to BYU. BYU was definitely looking ahead to this game last week when they themelves got a pretty thorough spanking by Air Force…. AIR FORCE! Sure, they have a good team, but one that BYU should’ve won. I do think the ‘Noles will look better this week. They HAVE to…

On to business! The record thus far: 48-7… 37-4 in Top 25 games… In the ACC : 17-5 vs the Evil One’s 16-6…  In  Other Games:0-1 (Curse you Notre Dame defense!)… Oh. And 2-1 Against The Gut. Maybe I’ll beat it this year, too.  Upset Picks by moi are highlighted in Red.

The Tide may be even better this week... Uh oh.

#1 Alabama @ Duke Crash Picks: ‘Bama BIG.

#2 Ohio State vs Ohio Crash Picks: OSU BIG.

The farce continues...

#3 BSU @ Wyoming Crash Picks: BSU BIG.

#4 TCU vs Baylor Crash Picks: TCU BIG.

Way more interesting than the game will be...

#5 Oregon vs Portland State Crash Picks: The Oregon cheerleaders… BIG

#6 Texas @ Texas Tech Crash Picks: Texas… Thoroughly, but not BIG.

#7Oklahoma vs Air Force Crash Picks: OU, but close. REALLY close.

Also had parts in Fargo, Constantine and the Big Lebowski...

#8 Nebraska @ Washington Crash Picks:The CornPelinis. Nebraska runs all over Washington and pulls away in the 4th.

#9 Iowa @ ‘Zona Crash Picks: Iowa, but close. Low scoring game.

#10 Florida @ Tennesse Crash Picks: Tennesse in a BIG upset. Urban’s head explodes.

#11 Wisconsin vs Arizona State Crash Picks: Wisconsin, but close.

#12 Arkansas @ Georgia Crash Picks:Arkansa timidly. Georgia is an enigma. (Against the Gut.)

#13 South Carolina vs Furman Crash Picks: Spurrier BIG. I’ve watched the Lattimore kid in 2 games now and he’s impressive. He’s about 6’/220 and while he doesn’t look that fast, he follows his blockers really well, can cut pretty good, and he runs with bad intentions. He runs like a battering ram. As long as Garcia doesn’t give the game away with turnovers and boneheaded plays of every variety as he has in the past, Lattimore will keep SC in games. I’m not a believer yet, but Lattimore’s prescence changes the Gamecocks on both sides of the ball.

#14 Utah @ New Mexico Crash Picks: UTAH! But if Ole Miss was playing I would pick them both. If these 2 are fans, then so am I, even with the thug QB.

#15 LSU vs Mississippi State Crash Picks: LSU BIG. They’ve had a week off and will be itching to erase the memory of the North Carolina win…. Wait. What?…

#16 Auburn vs Clemson Crash Picks: Auburn BIG. Because the Auburn QB’s so BIG. He’s going to sit on one of the those poor Clemson DBs. Oh, the humanity.

#18 USC @ Minnesota Crash Picks: USC BIG. Unfortunately.

#19 Stanford vs Wake Forest Crash Picks: Stanford BIG. They’ll remember last year.

This guy just radiates positive vibes to the Wolverine Nation.

#20 Michigan vs Massachusetts Crash Picks: Michigan BIG. REALLY BIG.

#21 West Virginia vs Maryland Crash Picks: Maryland (Nothing else to say. Move along)

#22 Penn State vs Kent State Crash Picks: JoePa BIG. RELEASE THE NITTANY LIONS!

#23 Houston @ UCLA Crash Picks: Houston BIG, but only if Keenum plays. I know it’s a hedge, but UCLA will win if they get to face the backup.

This guy's pretty good. But they still shouldn't be ranked.

#25 Oregon State (WHY ARE THEY RANKED?!) vs Louisville Crash Picks: OSU because they’re at home. (But…WHY ARE THEY RANKED?! REALLY?…)

There certainly are a lot of BIG games this week, especially in the good ol’ ACC. None BIGger than…

FSU vs BYU Crash Picks: The ‘Noles BIG. They take out their frustrations on the Cougars for the 2nd year in a row. It will be especially BIG for Jimbo. VERY BIG. If FSU plays poorly and/or loses this game, Coach Fisher will get booed. Trust me. Good thing they’re not going to struggle, though (BIG fake non-confident smile while I type this).

NC State vs Cincinnati Crash Picks: ‘NC State (Already got this one 30-19)

Georgia Tech vs North Carolina Crash Picks: North Carolina. Against The Gut.

Virginia Tech vs East carolina Crash Picks: VT (Barely… Beamer’s secure for life. Just like Saint Bowden at FSU… Wait… Anyway, I think he’ll have his team playing angry against ECU.)

Other Notable Games:

Cal Over Nevada (Blew that one I guess.)

Kansas @ Southern Miss Crash Picks: Southern Miss as KSU’s season continues on with rollercoaster aplomb. (Yup, got that one. Not a BIG upset, though.)

Vanderbilt @ Ole Miss Crash Picks: Ole Miss FREAKING HUGE…. See Also:#14 Utah @ Nevada

Notre Dame @ MSU Crash Picks: Notre Dame, but I do think a loss (much like FSU’s game) will DEFINE their new head coaches in a loss. I repeat: LOSS. But Notre Dame wins in a nailbiter.

And Go ‘Noles…


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