Crash! Landen’s Top 30 Films of 1987

I had so much trouble cutting this down to a Top 10, I just said the heck with it. Now it’s aTop 30. There were just too many good films released in 1987. Maybe there was just something in the water. there are some great movies that didn’t make it on my list that could’ve. Good Morning, Vietnam… Beverly Hills Cop II… The Living Daylights which was better than how Dalton was received…. Born in East L.A. Yeah, you heard me… Ridley Scott’s ‘misstep’ Someone to Watch Over Me, which is still entertaining… Throw Momma from the Train… Suspect that starred Cher (who’s on my list a couple of times along with Dennis Quaid who’s also on the list. There’s several folks making repeat appearances, actually). Wish You Were Here. Remember that one? No?… I could go on, but I won’t… I’m not even getting to some of the highly regarded movies of the era (by others) like Dirty Dancing and Fatal Attraction…
30 La Bamba (Great movie. Essai Morales didn’t get enough credit as the jealous brother).
30 Some Kind of Wonderful (A John Hughes classic. The 3 leads were great as was John Ashton as the father. And yes, it’s tied for  the last spot…)
29 The Monster Squad (One of the more fun kids movies involving monsters. Still makes me laugh.
28 The Running Man (Richard Dawson steals the show from all of the musclebound types in the flick. Almost steals it from Arnie, himself). )
27 Adventures in Babysitting (“Thor!”)
26 Prince of Darkness  (Still love the scene with Victor Wong going through the wall to escape. A fairly creepy horror flick).
25 The Witches of Eastwick
24 Hellraiser (Has a weak finale, but one of the creepier movies I ever saw. It’s a shame Pinhead became so mainstream and iconic.)
23 Harry and the Hendersons (First of 2 great Kevin Peter Hall movies on my list.)
22 Spaceballs (One of the last great Mel Brooks films…)
21 Roxanne (Outstanding take on Cyrano De Bergerac written by Martin).
19 Moonstruck (A sweet film. Not a whole lot of tension. More of a slice of life in the neighborhood flick. Nic Cage and Cher were both having a good year in film.)
No Way Out (Tying for the #19 spot. I know I’m cheating).
18 Lethal Weapon (Right up there with the top action films ever made. Was the blueprint for all inferior buddy cop films to imitate. Also responsible, I think, for the now very tired line “I’m gettin’ too old for this shit.”)
17 Three O’ Clock High (Maybe the best ‘high school’ movie I’ve ever seen. Definitely the best about a bully. Still holds up. Still makes me laugh).
16 Angel Heart (If this isn’t Mickey Rourke’s best film, it’s right up there. I saw this before I knew who Robert Deniro was, so it was even more creepy for me).
15 The Hidden (Brilliant low budget sci fi /buddy cop film).
14 The Lost Boys (First of 2 vampire flicks. As fun as a vampire movie can be).
13 Planes, Trains and Automobiles (RIP John Candy).
12 Broadcast News (A love triangle story set to the backdrop of network news journalists that kind of isn’t).
11 Near Dark (One of the better vampire flicks; kind of a vampire road flick. Bill Paxton was diabolical in this.  Pasdar  was perfect in the good hearted redneck lead and Wright is just stunning in this as the vampiric love interest.
This was definitely not a sparkly vampire movie and it was different than just about any of the genre films that had come before. Had flashes of extremely brutal violence.
10 Empire of the Sun (An often overlooked film. One of Spielberg’s best IMHO. War from a kid’s POV with the Spielbergian touches. Much different than his take on WWII through the soldier’s eyes).
9 Evil Dead II (Horror movie. Comedy. Action Film. Sequel. Remake. Bruce Campbell.)
8 Innerspace
7 Predator (When Arnie ruled the silver screen… Stan Winston at his best, too.)
6 The Untouchables
5 Full Metal Jacket  (Offbeat. Darkly humorous. Clinical. Cold. Violent. Cynical. Kubrick at his finest).
4 The Princess Bride (“My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.” )
3 Raising Arizona (One of the Coens’ best films and H.I. McDunnough might be Nic Cage’s Hamlet. Smarter than even the credit yt recieves).
2 RoboCop (An enormously fun sci fi satire with BIG heart. One of my favorite films.)
1 The Last Emperor (One of those rare epics that only comes along every few years.One of the best movies of the 80s.)

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