Week 2 Picks Aftermath (Oh No! We Suck Ageen!)

Last week I went 26-3. In the Top 25 games I was 20-2 and in ACC games: 10-2… The Evil One had an identical score, but this week….

This was a rough weekend for the ACC. It was especially rough for the ‘Noles suffering a 47-17 beatdown in Norman.. At the risk of sounding like a disgruntled homer (which I am) I have to say I do think there were some really bad calls in the game that affected how it all played out. There was a very ‘iffy’ block in the back call on a Greg Reid return (a very LONG return). I’ll say that was questionable. The second down call (or no call) on their 2nd possession was atrocious. Clearly there was pass interferance on the play where it looked liked 2 guys were hitting the receiver before the ball was within 10 feet of the guy. ABC conveniently didn’t even show a replay. And I do think moments like that can completely turn a game around.  I have to question the strategy, though, when you see OU completeing swing pass after swing pass and there’s noone within 10 yards of the guy. You’d think after the 5th or 6th time, the DC would realize they need to cover that a little better, but no. I’m still with the ‘Noles, though… Just a little disappointed at the weak showing.

Ponder's Heisman hopes crashed and burned in this one....

I do get sick of hearing that FSU “doesn’t have the personnel”. Yes, they do. I can buy into that the coaches need time to institute their own system, but don’t tell me it’s because they don’t have good players. Just check out the recruiting. FSU, even in the down years, has still remained in the Top 15 in recruiting and in the last few years has been near the top. Don’t tell me they don’t have players. On that same note, I feel the same about Notre Dame when they say that they just don’t have the players. At top level schools like this, it’s not the players. It’s the failure of the coaches.

The rest of the ACC didn’t too well either. Virginia Tech got upset by their cupcake. That won’t help the cause of media darlings Boise State. So did Georgia Tech, really. And the Canes threw the ball away against  the Buckeyes (or one guy in particular). Four of the top ACC teams go down in flames. A major black eye in terms of conference respect. Virginia did manage to play well against Kiffen’s USC, but they still lost.

Don't look in her eyes...

At least the Evil One’s happy…  For the rest of the conferences, teams are starting to develop identities.  ‘Bama continues to roll on. Stanford and Oregon look like standouts in the PAC10. Texas, Oklahoma and maybe Nebraska will once again be the powers in the Big 12. Michigan looks to be reasserting itself under RichRod and rejoining Ohio State (and Iowa) as the teams to beat in the Big 10. Or 11.Or 12. Or whatever it is… The Big East doesn’t look much better than the ACC. It’ll be interesting to see how Miami does against what was expected by many (including me) to be the best team in the Big East: Pitt.

so on with the pick results.

Again, to make it easy on myself; my correct picks are in green. The incorrect picks are in red.
1 Alabama vs 18 Penn State Crash! Picks: BAMA
2 Ohio State vs 12 Miami (FL) Crash! Picks: Ohio State I think the game will be decided by turnovers.
4 TCU vs Tennessee Tech Crash! Picks: TCU
5 Texas vs Wyoming Crash! Picks: Texas
6 Nebraska vs Idaho Crash! Picks: Nebraska
7 Oregon @ Tennessee Crash! Picks: Oregon ( I’m going against the Gut on this one).
8 Florida vs South Florida Crash! Picks: Florida (Close)
9 Iowa vs Iowa State Crash! Picks: Iowa
10 Oklahoma vs 17 FSU Crash! Picks: FSU
11 Wisconsin vs San Jose State Crash! Picks:Wisconsin
13 Virginia Tech vs Some cupcake to help give them back some confidence… They needed the cupcake last week.
14 Arkansas @ Louisiana Monroe Crash! Picks: Arkansas
16 USC vs Virginia Crash! Picks: USC
19 LSU @ Vandy Crash! Picks: LSU
20 Utah vs UNLV Crash! Picks: Utah
21 Auburn @ Mississippi State Crash! Picks: Auburn (They already won, but just barely…)
22 Georgia @ 24 South Carolina Crash! Picks: South Carolina Going against the Gut.
23 West Virginia @ Marshall Crash! Picks: West Virginia
25 Stanford @ UCLA Crash! Picks: Stanford

ACC Games
BC plays another cupcake…
So does Clemson….
So does Georgia Tech (sorry Kansas)…
So does Maryland…
Duke and Wake play one another which is the same thing… Crash! Picks: Wake
NC State plays a borderline cupcake in Central Florida Still picking NC State…
Other Noteable Games:
Michigan @ Notre Dame Crash! Picks:The Irish (against the gut on this one, too… Kelly doesn’t have as much on the line as RichRod…)

This week I went  17-2 in the Top 25 games. In the ACC I was 7-3. Heather, the Evil One went 6-4 so the smackdown begins…  In  Other Games I was 0-1… Overall: 22-4 And I went 2-1 Against The Gut, so that was different than the precedent set last year…

So the Grand Totals for the year: 48-7…37-4 in Top 25 games…17-5 in the wacky ACC (to the Evil One’s 16-6 record)…  Not too bad so far. An even better next week, though. And ummm…

Go ‘Noles…

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