Crash! Landen’s Week 2 Picks

Ok, I’m a little late posting, but here they are….1 Alabama vs 18 Penn State Crash! Picks: BAMA
2 Ohio State vs 12 Miami (FL) Crash! Picks: Ohio State I think the game will be decided by turnovers. Harris is probably the better passer  but has a history of throwing picks and getting sacked. Pryor clearly is the better runner and will do enough with his arm to beat the ‘Canes.
4 TCU vs Tennessee Tech Crash! Picks: TCU
5 Texas vs Wyoming Crash! Picks: Texas
6 Nebraska vs Idaho Crash! Picks: Nebraska
7 Oregon @ Tennessee gives me another opportunity to post a pic of the Oregon cheerleaders. Sorry. I can’t help it. Anyway… Crash! Picks: Oregon (I think it’s going to be close, though. I’m going against the Gut on this one).
8 Florida vs South Florida Crash! Picks: Florida (Close)
9 Iowa vs Iowa State Crash! Picks: Iowa
10 Oklahoma vs 17 FSU Crash! Picks: FSU
11 Wisconsin vs San Jose State Crash! Picks:Wisconsin
13 Virginia Tech vs Some cupcake to help give them back some confidence… They needed the cupcake last week.
14 Arkansas @ Louisiana Monroe Crash! Picks: Arkansas
16  USC vs Virginia Crash! Picks: USC
19 LSU @ Vandy Crash! Picks: LSU
20 Utah vs UNLV Crash! Picks: Utah
21 Auburn @ Mississippi State Crash! Picks: Auburn (They already won, but just barely…)
22 Georgia @ 24 South Carolina Crash! Picks: Georgia I’d like to say that I’m picking South Carolina. I like Spurrier since he’s no longer at UF. He’s a great coach, but SC doesn’t draw the recruits like Georgia. Richt is breaking in a QB, but it’s always easier when he’s the only one on offense you have to replace. Sure, Green’s out, but they’ll have plenty of other tall fast receivers to fill in. I do think Spurrier will pull an upset or 2 this year, but it won’t be vs. UGA… UPDATE: After saying this, I’ve changed my mind. I don’t know if Georgia can beat South Carolina with a Freshman QB and without Green.Garcia has never delivered at South Carolina, but he is Senior, so this is his last chance. Going against the Gut.
23 West Virginia @ Marshall Crash! Picks: West Virginia (They already won, but just barely…)
25 Stanford @ UCLA Crash! Picks: Stanford

ACC Games
BC plays another cupcake…
So does Clemson….
So does Georgia Tech (sorry Kansas)…
So does Maryland…
Duke and Wake play one another which is the same thing… Crash! Picks: Wake
NC State plays a borderline cupcake in Central Florida Still picking NC State…
Virginia @ USC Crash! Picks: USC BIG… This one will be ugly…Virginia can’t do what Hawaii did on O.
Other Noteable Games:
Michigan @ Notre Dame Crash! Picks:The Irish (against the gut on this one, too… Kelly doesn’t have as much on the line as RichRod…)
And Go ‘Noles!

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