How I Did: Week One Aftermath

I made this easy on myself… The picks I got right, I highlghted in green, the missed picks in red.

#1 Alabama vs San Jose State CRASH! picks: ‘Bama

#2 Ohio State vs Marshall CRASH! picks:OSU

#3 Boise State vs #10 Virginia Tech CRASH! picks:Va. Tech

Curse you Virginia Tech. Now we’re going to have to listen to the ‘experts’ debate endlessly every day from now until the end of the year about whether Boise State deserves to be in the National Championship game as they play cupcake after cupcake fro here until the end of the year. And I’m including Oregon State. Boise played like this was their national championship and they managed to eek out a last minute win against a Virginia Tech team that is known for losing early in the year.

Uniforms looked different, but their play in their first game of the season was familiar.

Tech gets blasted in their opening game once again. Not only that but they’re something like 1-26 against Top 5 teams. If my memory serves correct (which it might not), it was Boston College as that lone ein and I think it was in Blacksburg. Just sayin’.  Is BSU a good team? I’ve said yes before. Does beating Virginia Tech, a team that’s replacing almost their entire defense, and has a history of losing big games, mean that Boise has now proven to be in the title game? No. No. No. NO. No. No. No. NO! This says more about VT than BS. VT might be the 5th or 6th best team in the ACC this year.

I know how you feel, dude...

But now we’re going to hear about it ENDLESSLY that Boise belongs with the big boys and are  good enough to play for the national championship. The really awful thing is they may be playing TCU for that national title. Really.

I will say Boise is well coached. If things don’t work out with Jimbo, I hope the Noles will consider Chris Petersen. He has his team ready to play in the big games. They take care of their business. They don’t make many mistakes, especially their QB Kellen Moore.

He doesn’t throw interceptions. Plays smart. Runs the offense. Is cool as they come at the end of a game and a guy you want running the 2 minute offense… More so than Tyrod Taylor, anyway… I’d put him in the running for the Heisman.

Who do I blame? The media. They’re the ones driving this crap. Gives them something to talk about. Gives them something to piss off the readers/listeners/viewers. Helps their ratings/sales.

Boise State won the game they had to. I give them that. I just think it’ll be a complete crock if they go undefeated and play for the national championship over a team over a major conference winner.

#4 Florida vs Miami (OH) CRASH! picks:UF

Florida was awful on offense, a lot of the reason because of  the Center-QB exchange… I think they had 20 total yards midway through the third. 72 of their 99 rush yards came on the long TD run. They’ll get the hiking thing straightened out, though.

#5 Texas vs Rice CRASH! picks: Texas

#6 TCU vs Oregon State CRASH! picks: TCU (regrettably)

#7 Oklahoma  vs Utah State CRASH! picks: Oklahoma

Were looking ahead to FSU. Probably have been preparing for them all summer. Will not play like they did this past Saturday.

#8 Nebraska vs Western Kentucky CRASH! picks: Nebraska

#9 Iowa vs Eastern Illinois CRASH! picks: Iowa

#11 Oregon vs New Mexico CRASH! picks: Oregon

Oregon won 72-0… New Mexico is SO bad, though, it’ll be difficult to judge just how good they are  until they play Tennessee in Knoxville. Even then it will be hard to judge because UT’s a bit of a mystery themselves beating their own cupcake 50-0. So the 2 teams leading the nation in scoring defense  after Week 1 will face off with one another. If there’s not a whole lot of scoring, maybe they could increase their sideline coverage….

#12 Wisconsin @ UNLV CRASH! picks: Wisconsin

#13 Miami (FL) vs Florida A&M CRASH! picks: Miami

#14 USC @ Hawaii CRASH! picks: USC

USC didn’t impress me as much as they did the ‘experts’. On top of that, I thought Hawaii got some really bad calls, none more than the non-touchdown pictured above. Hawaii’s TD right before the half was wrongly called down at the 1 and Hawaii had to kick a FG. Should’ve been a TD. Really killed their momentum. Despite that (and losing) Hawaii impressed me. They looked much better than they did last year and look as though they might recover from losing June Jones.

#15 Pittsburgh @ Utah CRASH! picks: Pitt

This was the game I was most unsure about. Looks like Utah reloads…

#16 Georgia Tech vs South Carolina State CRASH! picks: GT

#17 Arkansas vs Tennessee Tech CRASH! picks: Arkansas

#18 North Carolina vs #21 LSU (Neutral site) CRASH! picks: LSU

Okay, I differ with what the experts have said about this game. LSU thought this game was over. PERIOD. They played like it in the second half. It was less of a gritty comeback than a complete collapse from being laxidasical.For me, they were CLEARLY the better team, BUT… After leading 30-10 for a long period of time in the game (and Les Miles letting his foot off the gas) the LSU secondary blew a coverage and NC got one of those endzone to endzone TDs that got NC excited again while LSU went into panic mode…. but that sometimes happens in college football. It might have a lingering effect more on LSU, though than the loss will have on NC.

#19 Penn State vs Youngstown State CRASH! picks: Penn State

#20 Florida State Seminoles vs Samford CRASH! picks: Go Noles!

The ‘Noles looked pretty good. Will they play that way against Oklahoma. One thing I’m sure about is that OU’s not going to play like they did against Utah State.

#22 Auburn vs Arkansas State CRASH! picks: Auburn

#23 Georgia vs Louisiana State CRASH! picks: Georgia

#25 West Virginia vs Coastal Carolina CRASH! picks: West Virginia

As for the rest of the ACC…

Maryland vs Navy CRASH! picks: Navy

Wow. Maryland didn’t win this as much as Navy gave it to them. Turnovers kill.

Clemson vs North Texas CRASH! picks: Clemson

NC State vs Western Carolina CRASH! picks: NC State (Will be improved this year)

Wake Forest vs Presbyterian CRASH! picks: Wake

Duke vs Elon CRASH! picks: Duke

Virginia vs Richmond CRASH! picks: Virginia (They’ll finally win an opener)

Boston College vs Weber State CRASH! picks: BC

BC wins but the bigger story was Mark Herzlich returning to the field after beating cancer. Way to go, Mark. I’ll still be pulling against you when you play FSU, though. Does that make me petty?

Aaaaaaaannnnnnd a GREAT start for the ACC. MUCH improved from past years that was full of ridiculous upsets and overrated teams that got beat down by SEC teams to make the rest of the league look bad…

As far as the picks in this initial week of college football I went 26-3. Not a bad start. In the Top 25 games I was 20-2. ACC games: 10-2

As far as how I did against the Evil One… We picked identically… We both ended up 10-2. Next week we’ll differ, though since she’ll pick OU over the ACC/FSU. You know who I’ll be going with, so I’ll start getting a little separation next week. 

Lots of HUGE games in week 2. HUGE. HUGE. Can’t wait.


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